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Coach Jackson Wednesday


Head Coach Hue Jackson

Q:What's going on with Louis Murphy?

Coach Jackson:I think he got a little tightness, a little soreness. I think he'll be fine.

Q:Is it a hamstring or something?

Coach Jackson:One of those things, somewhere on that leg.

Q:[Michael]* *Bush is limited?

Coach Jackson:Yes, you know you got to take care of it. That guys has been banging, been banging quite a bit for the last several weeks. Getting down towards the back end of the season just got to make sure you watch your back a little bit.

Q: What do you think about [Michael] Huff? I know he's working with a trainer a little bit; do you think he's got a shot?

Coach Jackson:We'll see, I don't know that. Obviously he hasn't been out there with us. We'll know a little bit more tomorrow but he needs practice to play that's for sure.

Q:What about Darren [McFadden] and Jacoby [Ford], how are they doing after their jog yesterday?

Coach Jackson:They did okay but I think they're a little sore today. So we'll see where they are tomorrow and then we'll know more. I think like you said they ran quite a bit yesterday and they were on it pretty good, so we'll see where they are tomorrow.

Q:You have some experience going against Kyle Orton. What's he been able to do with the chiefs since they picked him up?

Coach Jackson:I think what they've done is simplify their offense and given him a chance to have success. Kyle has a big arm he can throw it. You know, and they got some targets to throw it to, they have a big physical offensive line, obviously I think they're going to still lean on the running game because I think that's how the team is built. But he's a guy that can throw the bal. He's smart and he knows how to get the ball to the open guy. So, they're allowing him to make the plays that he can make but in turns of still running the ball the way they know they can.

Q:How did the Chiefs shut down the Packers?

Coach Jackson:I think as I said before, I think Romeo [Crennel] does a great job. I mean he's going to take away what some of your strengths are. I think he had a great plan and they went in and their team executed in the passing game. They did a real good job of making sure Aaron [Rogers] didn't just have a career day. They rerouted the receivers and they got after those guys and the played very well for four quarters. They played really consistently. So, they did a good job, but we're looking forward to playing them this week.

Q:What is the key to winning in Arrowhead? That's something the Raiders have been able to do in the past four years?

Coach Jackson:I think it's the focus. I think we got to go in there focused and play Raider football. Which is we can't turn it over, we have to get turnovers, we have to do a great job on special teams, and then we have to finish consistently every play. Whether it's a play that's two yards or whether it's a play that's twenty yards, we got to play consistently for four quarters and finish the game.

Q:Is that taste from Sunday completely out of their mouths?

Coach Jackson:Out of the players mouths? Yes, I think it is; it has to be because if it's not you can't give yourself the best opportunity to win and I think our players understand what's sitting in front of us but we have to go handle our part. So we can't let last week linger, we got to move on. That's the nature of this business.

Q:I'm sure you've coached in places that have had 3-4 defenses and places that have 4-3's. Are you wedded as a coach to a 4-3, or are you just wedded to whatever's going to do the best job for you?

*Coach Jackson: *I think it's the best job that you have to do. I'm not wedded to anything. I'm wedded to what's going to help us win. As we continue to move forward I think that's the whole thing about everything you do. You get an opportunity to see what's there and then you move forward and you get better. I mean I think you guys know me, I'm not going to stand back and be like we've been whether it's offense, defense or special teams. I'm going to always look to get this football team and this organization better as long as I'm here. So obviously there's some areas that we got to sure up and get better in and I guarantee you we will get better at them.

Q:Can you change at all to do some 3-4 during a season or do you have to go into the offseason and say 'hey look we're going to do this or we're going to get our personnel to do this and go that way'? 

*Coach Jackson: *Well I think when you start a season, you play the personnel hand that you're dealt the best you can. I think it's hard in midstream. Once you commit to something you need to see it through and fix it within the system of how you do things. But after the season you build a team based on what you know you need to do to win and I think that's what's most important. I think that as you move on and you move forward I think that's what everybody does. You look at what you have, you figure out what it's going to take for you to win within your division and the teams you play and then you channel your thought process that way and that's what we'll do. We'll continue to get better and go from there.

Q:Last time against these guys six interceptions. Is it an opportunistic secondary they have or ball hawking? 

Coach Jackson:No, they are, but I thought it was very uncharacteristic of how we play. Hopefully, we're not a six interception football team. That's not an offense of mine, so I was very disappointed in that and as I said we can't turn the ball over. If we expect to win this game we can't turn the ball over. We have to make sure that we take care of the ball, but we have to get turnovers too. We got to make sure we come up with some short fields so that we can put our offense in that advantageous situation also.

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