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Coach Knapp Media Session

On what has been accomplished in last two days: "Real good self evaluation on scheme. We, so far, have shown to the offensive players our studies on our run game, on our third downs, and our red zone. When we come back on Monday we will talk more about the first and second down pass game. The biggest thing we really felt like after reflecting that was that our third down has really got to get better. That's where we've struggled the most and we haven't helped the team out because we have been getting off the field way too quickly. Last week, the first half we did okay on the third downs, but second half, four three-and-outs, that's not acceptable, that doesn't help the team. So we have got to improve in that area, third downs."

On how much of that is fixing the run game:"It is a combination of both right now. Being a little bit more efficient in the pass game and just keep coming along with the run game. We did actually have a more efficient game this last week in the run game, we just didn't have any break out runs, but we did have more consistency in the fours and fives and less negative yard runs, so that was good improvement for us. "

On defenses trying to take away the run:  "Yeah, if someone wants to put nine guys in the box then that is what they are going try to do. They will say that they tried to beat us at the passing game but I thought we made good strides last week and unfortunately for us we got into a game where we had to start playing catch up and had to throw the ball more in that last quarter and a half. The improvements that we had made in the first two and a half quarters we weren't able to use as much in the last quarter and a half because we had to start throwing the ball."

On coming out strong in the third quarter: "We have to get third down conversions. We had a third and two and a third and five situation we didn't convert on, on those four drives to start the second half. If we convert on those third downs, we will have a chance to stay on the field and get more plays and a chance to get more big play opportunities."

On strides made last week: "More consistency on the schemes as far as the run assignments go with the guys up front. Obviously, the communication got better with Wiz [Stefen Wisniewski] and our right tackle who are new to the system. So we saw more consistency on the right assignments in each run game. That is why we had more consistency in the four to five-yard runs; we just didn't get a break out run."

On Darren McFadden: "Darren's doing well. He is running very hard and I have been very pleased with that I have seen so far. So he is doing fine."

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