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Coach Sparano's Friday Presser


Interim Head Coach Tony Sparano

Opening Statement:"The injury report here today was: David Ausberry, he did not practice and he's out; Khalif Barnes was limited today, he's questionable; Vincent Brown did not practice today, he's out; Austin Howard was full today, he's probable; Keith McGill did not practice, he's out; Marcel Reece was limited today, he's questionable; Carlos Rogers was limited today, he's questionable; Justin Tuck did not practice today, he's questionable, I kept him out of practice today; and LaMarr Woodley and Usama Young are both out."

Q: With Justin Tuck, was it just that he is a veteran player and he's a guy that you know and got to look at him this week?

Coach Sparano:"Yeah, we got to look at him this week in practice and I just wanted to keep him off of it today." 

Q: If you are going to make any moves with LaMarr Woodley and Usama Young, would you do it before the game?

Coach Sparano:"Yes. I will make some moves before the game, but it'll probably be either tonight or tomorrow."

Q: With both of those guys? Coach Sparano:"Yeah."

Q: Are they both going to be out for the year now?

Coach Sparano:"Well, yeah."

Q: You're apt to bring up guys from the practice squad?

Coach Sparano:"Bring somebody up."

Q: Do you have names yet or are you going to wait on that?

Coach Sparano:"I'm going to wait on it."

Q: Is DJ Hayden going to play this week?

Coach Sparano:"We'll see. We're going to go back in there, we're going to talk about it and see how he does here when we get down there and see where he is."

Q: How was he holding up and how is he coming along?

Coach Sparano:"Good, really good. He's coming along good, no real issues injury wise, I mean with the injury or anything like that. Most of DJ's stuff has been from not playing and anything like that. So, just normal, everyday not playing soreness, but he's good to go."

Q: Who is going to play at right tackle, Khalif Barnes or Menelik Watson?

Coach Sparano:"We'll see when we get there, but they both have had a good week of practice, so we'll make that decision here tonight."

Q: What are you going to do to try to help the Raiders win a game back East? Coach Sparano:"Yeah, we've changed a little something here with the schedule, with how we're going to approach some things when we get down at that end. It'll be a longer period for the players to sleep in. We'll keep them up later, kind of keep them on our time a little bit more here instead of kind of worrying about being on their time. Last week we played a 1:25 game here, it's a 4:25 game there, which is really 1:25 game, so we're going to do a good job here of making sure that they get enough rest down there. Get a lot of rest, but yet are able to function on our schedule instead of worrying about their schedule. We're going to try some different things here, it's going to be a little bit different, but I don't worry about all that, win here, win there, stuff. It's the next game, I'm going to worry about winning it."

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