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Coach Sparano: "We know there could be some weather"


Opening statement: "David Ausberry, today, did not practice. He's out. Vincent Brown, today, did not practice; he's out. TJ Carrie was full today; he's probable. Chimdi Chekwa did not practice today; he's out. Keith McGill did not practice today; he's out. Marcel Reece was limited today, and he's probable. Carlos Rogers did not practice; he's doubtful. Justin Tuck was limited today; he's probable. Jamize Olawale was limited today; he's probable. Kenbrell Thompkins was full today; he's probable. **Q: With Carlos, do you need to see anything out of him or is it enough that he's been in the league for years and you've seen him in previous weeks?

Sparano:"That's pretty much what I'm going on. Obviously he hasn't practiced all week. We'll make a decision here and see where he is tomorrow as well. Carlos is a guy who understands. He's a smart guy. He knows the plan and has taken plenty of reps prior to this. He did not practice for a couple of days."

Q: What about the weather? If it's going to rain up there, does that come into account with him with his knee?

Sparano:"Sure, yeah. You have to think of all those things when you look ahead. Obviously we know there could be some weather up there right now. We ordered it up here today in beautiful Alameda. It worked out good for us."

Q: Will TJ Carrie take his place if he can't go?

Sparano:"We'll see how we play that if he can't go. We have a couple different guys back there obviously. I think you said TJ? We have a few other guys. We have TJ we have Neiko [Thorpe]; we have DJ [Hayden]. We've got all the 'J's in there, so we'll see."

Q: I think a couple of weeks ago, you worked out a player and made that decision on whether they were going to play or not. Could we have a similar situation with Carlos?

Sparano:"I don't think so. I think it will be pretty cut and dry but we'll see."

Q: How has Derek Carr handled noise on the road up until this point?

Sparano:"He's handled it really well, I think. Obviously last week, our operation in Cleveland was a tick slower than normal in some situations. We had two delay-of-game penalties, which cannot happen. That's not all on Derek in that situation at all. The huddle is his, so as soon as he gets the play, we have to get in and out of the huddle and get to the football. I think he's been in that environment before in college in several situations. He's certainly been in that environment right now when it's been loud in some of the stadiums. This is going to be a loud place. We're totally prepared for that and we've been practicing all week."

Q: Can you talk about the challenges of stopping a rusher like Marshawn Lynch and especially his style of runner?

Sparano:"No, his style is really different. He's a physical, tough, reckless runner. If you don't tackle him, and you don't get both arms around him and wrap-tackle him and those sorts of things, he's going to make yards after contact. He's going to end up making some big plays, so there are some definitely challenges there. We have to get a lot of people to the football when it comes to him. That's risk-reward, too. As you're flying to the football, this quarterback pulls this football and runs around the end, and then you have an issue there. You have to be disciplined. When you have chances to make tackles on him, you're going to have to get him to the ground."

Q: Kenbrell Thompkins was back, so everything is cool with him?

Sparano:"Yes, he was back."

Q: Was it an excused absence? A personal thing?

Sparano:"It was a personal thing, off the field."

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