Condo: "We Fought All Year Long"

Q: You've been around here a while now, what does this team have to do to take the next step? How close is it?

Condo:"I'm not the guy to ask about that, but the one thing about this team I know … I think we fought all year long. There are things everybody needs to do to get better, even myself, C-Wood [Charles Woodson], everyone needs to do a little something to work on their craft. It's about being a professional, on and off the field, doing the right things, taking care of your body, putting team first, just all those little things to be a pro."

Q: You've been through some coaching changes. When they happen, how much does that sort of set back things when you have to start all over again?

Condo:"For me personally, I take full responsibility on myself, doing my job, but there is a little setback because there's change. There are new people coming in and when new people come in then the turnover in the locker room changes too, and then it's a matter of bonding with a teammate, becoming a brother to this person and the more you know someone, the more likely you are to play better, because you start trusting, and football is a game of trust; trusting that your teammate is going to do his responsibility and you don't try to compensate for him."

Q: What did Tony Sparano say in the final team meeting?

Condo:"He said he's proud of us. We worked hard. He mentioned burying the football, the changes. I think he said something like there are 32 categories and we improved in 29 of the 32 categories. He's proud of our effort. We played hard for him. He told us what we need to do to get better, younger guys getting into the facility more. Don't be afraid to ask for film, to study. Don't go on vacation for three months, especially the younger guys, and come back and expect to be in shape. To echo what I said earlier about being a pro, and that's it, on and off the field, be a professional about your job. This is your job, so by all means, do the right things for yourself and your teammates."

Q: Was it emotional just because it might be the end for that coaching staff?

Condo:"He didn't seem emotional about it. He said, 'Right now I'm the head coach. They know where my door is at. If they want to see me, they know where it's at, so come knock.' He's approaching it like he's the guy."

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