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D.J. Hayden Media Session

Q: How did it feel to get back on the practice field?

Hayden: It feels so great. Just to get back out there and put the helmet back on and just actually be on the field at any practice, it felt good.

Q: Were you cleared to do everything out there?

Hayden: Yeah I'm clear for everything.

Q: It's easy, or maybe it seems easy, okay that's in the past, but how hard is it for you to not let that stay in the back of your mind what happened? Or is it easy?

Hayden: It's really easy for me. I don't even think about it. The only time I think about it is when somebody asks me, but while I'm on the field I don't think about that - I'm thinking about the play, I'm thinking about the coverage. So, I put it past me.

Q: Now that you've had the chance to see the playbook for a couple days and kind of get out there, how does this defense fit with what you can do?

Hayden: It feels good because corner is basically the same thing everywhere and the coverages are pretty, it's not that hard, I think I'm picking it up pretty good. I'm just trying to soak in everything. [Defensive backs coach Clayton] Lopez and Coach Johnnie Lynn are trying to teach me and try to soak it all in like a sponge.

Q: How do you not let it overwhelm you then? How fine is that line being overwhelmed and soaking it in like a sponge with all the information that you've been getting and that you're going to get?

Hayden: It's not that bad. It's nothing that I don't think I can handle. I think I'm handling it really well, taking notes, just trying to learn everything, just trying to get better.

Q: When you got back on the field that first time, did it feel like old times? Like you were able to slip right back into it or did it take you a few plays to get back into the rhythm?

Hayden: It felt like old times. I did my usual routine. I came here, took a knee, said a quick little prayer and I just went out there. It wasn't like it took me extra time to get back ready or whatever. I just went out there and just do what I do.

Q: You had a play there late — it was on the far side where you made a break on the ball and you got your hand on the pass. Does a play like that kind of help put you at ease?

Hayden: Yeah, it helped me at ease because it uses production. As long as I keep making production I feel like I can get better and just try to make plays, basically. When I made the little play, I was happy. I should've caught it but there's always room for improvement.

Q: Did you know the history here with the Raiders? What kind of legacy do you want to leave here?

Hayden: First and foremost, I just want to make every play possible that I can, and just help the team out, and just help to win and just try to do my best. And then if it leaves a legacy then it does, if it doesn't then I'm just here playing.

Q: Willie Brown left any pearls of wisdom with you yet?

Hayden: Yeah, he told me to move my hands out of my break.

Q: After you've had a couple of days out here, where do you assess yourself? Where do you specifically say, 'okay this is what I have to do between now and training camp where I have to get better.' It's easy to say everything but where do you specifically think, 'this is where I got to get?'

Hayden: I would say just get used to not putting your hands on people down the field because in the NFL you got that five-yard rule. So I say just adjust to that. In college, I used to kind of push people a little bit, so me adjusting to that and not being able to put my hands on people down the field.

Q: Does this become a thing where now you're going to play off a little bit more or do you need to get your physicalness in right there on the line of scrimmage?

Hayden: Probably a mixture of both. It just depends on what down it is and the situation and when I get up there I have to be more physical, reroute them. And then again when I'm at seven, I've got to play off and I can't touch them, you got to rear them.

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