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Darren McFadden Chats with Media

Q: Third week, how do you think you all are coming together?

McFadden: I feel like we've been putting everything together real good. Some things we still have to clean up, but for the most part, I think we're moving along great with it.

Q: We were talking to Matt Flynn and he said he loves having a guy like you behind him. I know you're looking for that breakout year and trying to stay healthy throughout the year…

McFadden: Being a rival with him in college, it's good to be on the same side as him now. I'm looking forward to it. Like you said, it's a new offense that we have. I feel like it's coming together well. I'm just looking forward to getting out there with the guys and putting it together this season.

Q: How can it highlight your skills?

McFadden: I feel like I'm a downhill runner and that's a lot of things we focus on, getting downhill in the gap scheme, so that's something that I'm looking forward to.

Q: How's Matt taking on a leadership role with the team?

McFadden: He does a great job. He gets in there, takes control of the huddle, puts guys in the right position on the field and that's something you need out of a quarterback.

Q: Does [offensive coordinator Greg] Olson mix in any ZBS [zone blocking scheme] or is it just a straight power North-South?

McFadden: That's something that's going to mixed in there, but for the most part it's downhill North and South.

Q: Do you see a little bit of yourself in Latavius Murray – tall dude, has good hands?

McFadden: Yeah, that's one thing. I was looking at him when we were catching the ball and I feel like he has great hands. And like you said, tall guy. You don't see many backs at 6'1", 6'2" in the league. A guy that's kind of tall and being able to move that's something that's good for our offense.

Q: So you like what you've seen out of him so far the first couple of weeks?

McFadden: Oh yeah, he's doing a great job out there. Like I said, he's been going out there and learning, coming on well.

Q: So many new faces on this team, how's everybody gelling together?

McFadden: Like you said, there's a lot of new faces. Some guys it's been taking a long time trying to learn everybody's name, but everybody has one goal in mind and that's going out there and playing football and winning. So it's coming along great, so that's what I'm looking forward to.

Q: How do you feel physically?

McFadden: I feel great. If we had to play a game tomorrow, I'd be ready for it.

Q: I know it's early, but do you feel like in this offense, you'll have more opportunities for short passes? It seems like we've seen a lot of that so far.

McFadden: That's something that's going to be left up to the quarterback. They're going to always go through their progressions and when it comes down to it, they're going to check it down to the running back, I'm going to be there for it.

Q: You and Marcel [Reece] have been together for a few seasons now; how does that dynamic work with the two of you?

McFadden: I love working with Marcel. We're like best friends on and off the field so we just come along great. We're out there looking out for each other on the field. That's something that we're just trying to bring along with our whole offense, just going out there and trying to lead our offense and get everybody on the same page.

Q: With so many new faces, do you feel like you need to put this offense on your shoulders and carry it?

McFadden: Like I said, we're just going out there, just lead everyone with our leadership. We're going out there bringing everybody along so everybody just bringing their own thing to the table.

Q: Hard to believe you're one of the older guys now…

McFadden: Yeah, it's crazy. It just seems like the years fly by. I'm going on my sixth year now. Only three of us left from the '08 class so it's one of those things where we just pride in going out there and leading.

Q: I know it might be too soon to determine, is it better to start with fresh faces and guys that want to learn and listen or veterans that have already kind of set in their own zones?

McFadden: It's just one of those things everybody is out there, you've got a lot of new guys and, like I said, everybody has one goal in mind and that's going out there and winning. There's a lot of hungry guys, so you have to go out there and eat.  

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