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Darren McFadden's Top 10 Performances

Compiled by Jamie Banks

Running Back Darren McFadden is currently ranked number seven on the Raiders all-time rushing list. Let's take a look at Run DMC's top 10 career games, based on total yards from scrimmage.




209 yards - On December 12, 2010, McFadden rushed for 123 yards and caught three passes for 86 yards, scoring two touchdowns against Jacksonville.
2. 196 yards - In a 59-14 win against Denver, McFadden rushed for 165 yards and caught two passes totaling 31 yards, scoring three touchdowns on October 24, 2010.
3. 178 yards - McFadden rushed for 171 yards and caught three passes for seven yards in a 34- 24 victory against the New York Jets on September 25, 2011. He scored two touchdowns.
4. 173 yards - In a September 14, 2008 victory against the chiefs, McFadden rushed for 164 yards and caught one pass for nine yards, and score one touchdown.
5. 158 yards - The Raiders defeated the Broncos on December 19, 2010. In this game, McFadden rushed for 119 yards and caught four passes for 39 yards.
6. 156 yards - McFadden rushed for 150 yards and gained six yards through the air in a win against Denver on September 12, 2011.
7. 153 yards - On September 19, 2010, he rushed for 145 yards and caught two passes for eight yards in a victory against St. Louis.
8. 150 yards - One week earlier, in a loss against the Titans on September 12, 2010, McFadden rushed for 95 yards and caught six passes for 55 yards.
9. 143 yards - McFadden caught seven passes for 71 yards and rushed 72 yards in a close game against the Bills on September 18, 2011. He scored one touchdown.
10. 135 yards - On Halloween of 2010, McFadden rushed for 111 yards and caught two passes for 24 yards, in a 33-3 victory against the Seahawks.

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