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Darren McFadden Talks Training Camp


Q: Feel as good about the offense and the blocking scheme change you talked about earlier right now as you did at the beginning of camp?

McFadden: Oh yeah, I still feel good. It's one of those things, you just have to keep hitting it. You're going to get 2-3 yards here and there and then eventually the big plays are going to start hitting. It's just one of those deals that you have to stick with the run and stick with the scheme and keep pushing forward.

Q: Tough loss with Jared [Veldheer] though…

McFadden: It's very tough replacing the starting left tackle. And a guy like Jared, he's a great pass blocker, great run blocker. You really hate that, but it's football, things happen. The next guy has to step up in line. You just have to keep going, next guy has to step in and have to come in and try to do just as good of a job as he does.

Q: Does that make it hard for you, you talked having to stick with the run, is it hard to judge in the preseason when you're only out there for a handful of plays?

McFadden: Yeah, it's preseason so the first couple of plays you may not get as many yards as you want to, but like you say, big runs start coming later in the game, 2nd, 3rd, 4th quarter.

Q: What did you want to see from the team coming into camp? Have you seen it? What were you looking for coming in here?

McFadden: I feel like I've seen a lot of great things from our team. Offensive linemen have done a great job with the scheme. They'be been out there getting run blocks, trying to pass protect. Just seeing our defense out there flying around the way that they do. I feel like a lot of things, we still have to build on some things, but a lot of good things out there.

Q: You haven't gotten a chance to play in games for Terrelle [Pryor] but are you looking forward to getting in games with him, that pistol and read-option stuff, and what you guys can do together with that?

McFadden: We had a little bit of it last year in the San Diego game, but not as much. I feel like we're going to run it a lot more this year. I'm sure he's going to do a great job. He's done a great job all camp so I'm looking forward to it.

Q: That can open up a lot of things for a running back…

McFadden: Oh yeah, having a guy like that back there running the ball you have to respect it because you can't just key on the running back.

Q: How comfortable are you running that?

McFadden: I'm very comfortable with it. I ran it a couple of years ago. I feel like I had a lot of success in it, so I'm looking forward to getting out there and running it again this year.

Q: Did the running game make the type of progress that you hoped for over the course of three or four weeks?

McFadden: Like I said, we've been doing a great job of running the ball out here in camp, just pushing forward. Like I said, we still have to get better at things, but for the most part, we've done a great job.

Q: How much have the injuries, especially up front, slowed that process down?

McFadden: Losing a guy like Jared is going to be hard. Been moving offensive linemen in and out, but like I said, it's the NFL, guys have to be ready to step up and come in and play right off the bat.

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