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David Bass Chats with the Media

On how much contact he had with the Raiders before the draft: "I spoke with them at the combine, I got to meet pretty much the entire staff. I believe that was it. A couple of times on the phone just verified draft day numbers, things like that."

On if he can bring a pass rush to the Raiders: "Yes sir. Playing my game, I believe I am a pass rusher along with other things, but I definitely believe I can help the Raiders in getting that sack total up."

On when he believed being selected in the draft was a real possibility: "Pretty much after my junior season. The season I had, I felt like that was my coming out season and after our junior pro day pretty much. The feedback I got, the agents started to call and they showed that they would invest in me. They started giving me feedback from different scouts, from different teams and at that point I'm like, 'OK, I've actually got a shot.' In my mind, I always believed I had a shot, but coming from a small school there is just so much going against me, so was I ever going to get the opportunity? I prayed for it, dreamed of it. Now I'm just blessed with the opportunity."

On how his skill set translates to the NFL:  "I believe football is football. Everybody has the same movements; everybody puts their pads on the same way and pretty much has the same mindset, same goal. It's nothing different from me being back in Missouri Western or being an Oakland Raider. Football is football. Pass plays, run plays, I'm always going to read and react throughout the game and just help my team to reach its ultimate goal."

On how many people typically attended a football game at Missouri Western: "I want to say we averaged about six [thousand]. The most I ever played in front of was about 12,500, so really small."

On who called him when he was drafted: "McKenzie, coach Mac. He pretty much just told me to give him a reason he shouldn't draft me and there's no reason at all. Believe I'll bring everything I have to the table just to help this organization out. He said, 'Welcome.'"

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