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Day 2 of Training Camp 2011


Veteran DT Richard Seymour catches a breather during the second day of training camp practices. Photo by Tony Gonzales.

News and notes from today in Napa: The Raiders re-signed LS/LB Jon Condo and DE Jarvis Moss and signed rookie undrafted free agent T Cody Habben. The team also waived LB Quentin Scott.

The team took to the field for the second conditioning session and walk-thru in the morning and practice in the afternoon at Training Camp 2011. The players are adjusting to Head Coach Hue Jackson's fast-paced practices and learning how to work together again.

"I know that the tempo was much faster today," said Coach Jackson. "I think Tommy Kelly will tell you guys today, 'Hue, you going to get it out of us,' and no doubt that I am. That is the name of it; we are going to go fast all the time and I think our players expect it and I think they're excited about it because as you see practice goes a little faster. That is the process, you know we are going to take care of our bodies, but we are going to practice with a purpose every day."

Players who were with the team last year are somewhat used to Coach Jackson-style practices. "We had a glimpse of it last year," said S Hiram Eugene. "This year is a little more intense, but it's not that much of a transition."

Eleven-year veteran DT Richard Seymour feels that Coach Jackson's practices will significantly improve the team. "It is an opportunity for all of us to get better and to lay the foundation to where we are trying to go for the rest of the season," said Seymour. "There is still a lot of work to be done, but I am excited that football is back and know the Raider Nation is too."

Coach Jackson's energy is helping the team jump into the swing of things. "He brings a lot to us, he is very energetic, he has a high energy and he demands a lot from us and you try and meet his expectations and your own as well," said Seymour. "He brings energy on the first day that you step on the practice field. It is all about competing and he is definitely our leader in that regard."

The intense practices take a toll on the players' bodies, but are the key to future success. "It is different you know, yesterday it was a shock to my body," said RB Darren McFadden. "You are out there and everything is fast paced, but you get used to it and that will help us out a lot this year."

McFadden has noticed the team coming together easily, despite only being together for a few days. "Guys have been playing together great so far and have been connecting on a lot of great plays and things that you wouldn't see normally this early in camp," said McFadden. "Guys are going out there and are running and our quarterback has been putting it on the time. You would think that we have had OTA's even though we haven't."

The players are seamlessly adjusting to Coach Jackson's head coaching style. "I'm coaching a group of men who are hungry and starving to win, and they are willing to do whatever I ask," said Coach Jackson. "Obviously there have only been two days in the process, but there is going to be a day where they don't feel like it and we are going to have to push through that too. That's what it's all about; we just have to keep building really good blocks. This foundation that we are trying to build as a football team is starting and we are just going to keep working harder each and every day."

The team will be back at it again tomorrow, only this time they will have their first padded practice. Check back on, the Raiders official Facebook page, and Twitter for full coverage.

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