DeAndré Washington hosts reddit AMA, talks favorite foods, and new additions to the roster

DeAndré Washington recently hosted a reddit AMA; take a look at the questions he answered.

From jsmoooth265: You can hire one Raider to be your body guard for life who is it and why is it Lee Smith?

Washington: I love Lee, but I'd probably say K.O. Nobody gonna f— with K.O. [laughs]

From reddit user: What was your biggest takeaway from working with Marshawn?

DW: I think the biggest thing, man, stay true to you. If you know marshawn personally, he was just gonna be him regardless of the situation. Be you.

From SilverState815: You're going to face Trent Brown in a gladiator fight in the Colosseum in Rome. You can pick one weapon. There is a sword, a battle axe, and a morning star. Which do you pick?

DW: Yeah. OK. That's a good one. I know I'm quicker than him, so I gotta find a way to get to his legs.

Something I could run around him and get to his legs because once I get him to fall down, we're the same height, so it's a fair game then. Something to take his legs away. [laughs]

From blud_13: Which away team stadium has the best Raider turnouts for you? (besides the Chargers because ALL of their games have more away fans there).

DW: A couple years ago we went to Baltimore. And I know Baltimore has a pretty solid fan base, but Raider Nation showed up and showed out on the East Coast. So that was kind of surprising.

From wilbyr: If you had never been in the nfl, what do you think you'd be doing right now

DW: I think I would probably be in real estate. Or fashion. You like I like to keep the drip on point.

From reddit use: You're making a highlight video for yourself, which song do you choose?

DW: Right now? Probably have to go with one of my favorite songs - "Big Dawg" by a Houston artist named DJ XO.

[Editor's Note: I got DeAndré to promise that if someone on here made a highlight edit of him to this song, he would tweet it out.]

From knasty662: Yo DeAndré, I'd be curious to know how much your life has changed since getting to the NFL. Also, who would win in a 100 yard footrace out of the Running Back group?

DW: I think having to cut a lot of people out, bruh. Honestly. Truthfully had to kinda find balance between work and personal life, but it's about understanding that not everyone is meant to be with you on the journey. That's the hardest thing. As for the footrace? Me, without a doubt.

From reddit user: Aaaaaand Mr. Washington what is your favorite sandwich?

DW: No lie, it used to be a PB&J, but lately I've been a toasted tuna guy. You gotta toast the bread, the Texas toast, toasted nice and proper, put a little - I'm a shredded cheese guy, put that on top of the tuna. It's been my go-to lately.

From reddit user: What new player addition this year has had the most positive impact to the locker room (leadership, attitude, etc)?

DW: I think [Nevin] Lawson is pretty cool. My locker's pretty close to his, so we chop it up a lot. Corey [Liuget], he's kind of our leader before the game, he always come with a fiery speech.

From 1deadeye1: What is the one meal you gotta eat when you're back in Texas this week?

DW: I'm a big seafood guy, so anything seafood related. Crawfish Étouffée, the gumbo, anything with seafood is fair game.

From seeking101: What do you think your most underrated skill is?

DW: I think my power. I think for a smaller guy, people assume I'm just shifty, but I bring the boom too.From nimoto: Do any of our players have nicknames we may not have heard?

DW: I don't want to expose anyone [laughs] I can't think of any off the top of my head.