Debose: "I was hoping for the best"


Q: Did you have any expectations in the draft?**

Debose:"I just came into the draft hoping to get an opportunity. I didn't have any expectations. I was hoping for the best the whole time."

Q: What was your contact with the Raiders before the draft?

Debose:"We kept in contact a lot. I had a private workout with them earlier in the process. I talked to the special teams coach a lot throughout the process. We were definitely keeping in touch."

Q: Is returning where you think you can make your impact in the NFL?

Debose:"I think I can make my impact a lot on the return game."

Q: There has been a wide open spot for that here for a few years. Are you equally adept at kickoffs and punts?

Debose:"Yes, sir. I am. I like both equally."

Q: Was it tough not getting invited to the combine?

Debose:"It was a hard thing to deal with. I knew that the combine doesn't make or break you. If a team likes you, they like you. I didn't let it bother me too much."

Q: A lot of ups and downs with the team at Florida with coaching changes. How much did teams ask you about not playing in the final bowl game and about the direction of your college career?

Debose:"A lot of teams would bring up that question and I would bring up what really went down. They understood it, knowing what I've been through at Florida with all the coaching changes and not really being involved with the offense. They understood me totally with my decision about the bowl game."

Q: What can you tell us about not going to the bowl game?

Debose:"I can tell you that it was just a decision between me and the interim head coach, D.J. Durkin, and we came to a mutual agreement. It was nothing disciplinary or anything like that. It was a decision I made and I was ready to live with whatever came with that decision."

Q: What was your official 40-yard-dash time?


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