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Derek Carr joins Cris Collinsworth for a conversation about Las Vegas, Coach Gruden and his photographic memory

Derek Carr made an appearance on PFF's "The Cris Collinsworth Podcast" on Tuesday to talk about the optimism he has for the 2021 Raiders and the expectations and goals he's put in front of himself. He also discussed the transition he's made from growing up near Houston, Texas, and embracing the city of Las Vegas.

"What's crazy about Las Vegas is when my wife and I moved here, obviously I don't know it well, so I didn't know what to think," said Carr. "But when we got here, my wife and I and my kids, we fell in love with it. We have the Strip and obviously they have some of the best restaurants, so great date nights my wife and I have had.

"My wife and I never thought this, but we were talking about how we could live here for the rest of our life. We really love the city of Las Vegas because it's more than the Strip and the partying and all that kind of stuff. The family atmosphere that happens around outside of all of that has really been awesome."

Carr also reflected on how he's built his relationship with Head Coach Jon Gruden and how using his photographic memory has helped him excel in Coach Gruden's offensive scheme.

"I literally remember every coaching point [Gruden] tells me," said Carr.

The full episode of the podcast can be heard here.

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