Derek Carr: "We knew it was going to be a fight"


Q: Pretty emotional game?Carr: "Oh my goodness, yes. Emotional, I think that's to say the least. We knew it was going to be a fight. Obviously Baltimore, they have been to the playoffs how many times the last seven, eight years, Super Bowl MVP quarterback, great defense, very physical defense, we knew it was going to be a challenge today but it just makes me so happy to see my teammates fight the way we did." 
Q: What happened to the sleeves?
Carr: "Oh, I got really hot. I got really hot, a little too hot, so I needed to cool down anyway that I could so I just had them cut them off."
Q: Were you showing off your guns?Carr: "No, that's why I wear sleeves all the time. I try and hide it."
Q: What were you thinking after the interception?Carr: "Yeah, of course, that's a tough play too. It's a tough play the way it happened, but, all I was thinking man, was just give us a chance, please Lord, just give us a chance. I'm thankful our defense held up and Coach Del Rio did great with the time outs. I think the clock management was awesome to give us that much time and get the ball back. Then after that, I just told the guys in the huddle to believe it. We've done this a thousand times, believe it and they did a great job of making plays."

Q: How happy are you for Seth Roberts?Carr: "I can't even say how happy I am for him. I told him in there I'm so proud for you, you deserve it. Talk about a guy that the first day we threw routes on there, it didn't look too pretty. Back in rookie minicamp days and just to watch him work, watch him get better at his craft, to make the team after being on practice squad and to make the game winning catch and he deserves all the credit. I had to throw it low and tried to protect him and he did a great of job of going down and making that catch. I'm so happy for him."
Q: Big question, what can you say about the resilience about this team after losing last week?Carr: "We had a big jump from week one to week two, we did. That's good and that's great but one thing about this team and one thing we've learned is just one game. We have to have a bigger jump from week two to week three and as long as we continue to do that, we're heading in the right place and I said that last year. We're heading the right way and this is proof of it. We're heading the right way and we just got to keep doing it. We've got to keep coming to work every day and busting our tails at practice and making sure we get the extra throws in but also, making sure we just continue to believe in each other. After last week, it's probably easy for guys to say man, here we go again but we didn't because it's not like that way anymore. It's a new team, it's a new culture and I think coach Del Rio and his staff has done a great job.

Q: What did you see on the first touchdown to Amari Cooper? Carr: **"We knew that we were going to have an opportunity in certain situations for those kinds of plays. I just remember Amari ran part of the route. I threw it early because I think someone hit me, coming off late, because I was probably holding the ball a little too long. I threw it and just as soon as I looked up he was catching the ball and he was running to it. All I was praying was that I didn't overthrow it, but he caught it. I knew when he caught it, I was like ok he's gone. That was a big juice for our team really. It gave us a shot of life. I think that he deserves a lot of credit, man. He's a great spark plug."

Q: Was your big run called from upstairs? Carr: "We were reading it out, if they had gotten a certain look and did a certain thing, then that was going to happen. Our coaches did a great job of designing it and telling me what to look for and when it happened, man, I just kept it. I don't know how Latavius [Murray] does it that many times."

Q: Did you think that you could keep going? Carr: "No, that's why I went out of bounds as fast as I could."

Q: Last week you said that you may have been too amped up. You seem pretty amped up today. Is it different? Carr: "Yes, just at the start of the game. Coach [Todd] Downing and Coach [Bill] Musgrave did a great job of just saying hey. They'd look at me and just say 'hey.' Because in pregame, I'm an athlete and I've worked so hard, I love lifting weights, but the quarterback has to be calm. When you step in the huddle, I have to talk to them just like this and sometimes I get a little fired up. They did a great job of just saying hey, keep calm, so throughout pregame I just stayed even keeled, encouraging guys and all that, and it really helped. It really helped and I'm very thankful to them for noticing it."


Q: What did you see on that game-winning touchdown? Carr:** "They played a little middle open coverage in the mike actually. I was going to work [Mychal] Rivera and the mike actually pushed to mike. I knew it was going to open the hole up to Seth [Roberts]. What a play call, that Coach Musgrave knew that they were going to be in that look. He said this is going to perfect and we went out there and I just did what he told me. We worked Seth and Seth did a great job, man. Talk about a guy, I think it's his, is it his first catch? It's at least his first touchdown. In a big situation, to read the coverage right, to run the right, correct route and then to make the play. He did a great job."

Q: On the play before, the interception was called back. Carr:"Oh yeah. I was trying to body Mychal and the guy kind of pulled him and jumped in front of it. As soon as I threw it I was like, ok if they don't call this I'm going to be hot, but they called it and they did a great job. The guy was behind Mychal, so I was trying to put it on him, just kind of turn him inside and put it on him. I kind of just saw it."

Q: Did your heart go into your throat there for a second? Carr: "It did because I was just hoping that they called it, because they could easily have not and then we're like ok great, but they called it. As soon as I threw it I was looking like 'ok they better have thrown it' and I'm glad that they made a great call."


Q: Did you have any issues with your hand today? Carr: "No it was good. Thank you."**

Q: At what point did you know you would score on that last drive? Carr: "Oh man, probably at the beginning. I just looked in the huddle. It was just a great look on everyone's face. It was just a confident, we're just at practice. We did this. We practiced against this. We practiced against these looks. It was just a confident look in everyone in that huddle and I just said hey man, I better not screw it up. These guys are ready to go. I just tried to get the playmakers the ball and they did a great job."

Q: Is it easier to deal with Elvis Dumervil when Terrell Suggs is off the field? Carr: "Obviously when there's two of them out there it's tough, but it's never easy to deal with Dumervil. He's such a great player. Him, [Courtney] Upshaw, they have two great middle linebackers. We know that. Their defense is always going to be loaded. I think that our guys did a great job. Now Suggs is a great player, don't get me wrong, but if he's out there or not we just have to keep competing. I think that dealing with Dumervil is never easy for anybody." 

Q: What does the final drive say about your growth? Carr: "I'm just thankful for a good outcome, honestly. It feels great to win it like that, but it's not about me.  It's about this team. We have a good, young team and I think that we're growing, like you said. I think that we're going ahead in the right direction, but again, this is just one game. We can forget about this one real quick and get ready for the next one and we have to."

Q: Was Jack Del Rio emotional after the game? Carr: "Yeah I think it meant a lot for coach to get his first win, especially the way we did it. He's been drilling in us to always compete and there's always a chance to win. How are you going to bounce back when you get punched in the face kind of a deal? We didn't cower away at all and that's credit to him and his character. The way he leads us, is the way we go. Whatever message he's trying to get across, as a leader that's what I take the message and I try to affect the locker room with whatever message he's trying to bring every single day. You have to give him so much credit for the way that we fought, him and his coaches I mean goodness, gracious they've done a great job of working with us and teaching us the game situationally also. I can't say enough good things about him. I'm just very happy for him. He was very emotional. It meant a lot to him."

Q: Talk about the fan's support. Carr: "Love the fans. You guys know how I feel. I think Raider Nation is the best in the world in any sport. They know how I feel. I tell them all the time, at least on Twitter."

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