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Q: Darren, in your mind, does there have to be a clear cut, number one guy between you and Maurice [Jones-Drew]?**

McFadden:"For me, I feel like the touches are going to go around however they're going to go, whether one guy gets them first or the second guy gets them first. It's just all about what you do with the ball when you get the chance."

Q: Maurice said you guys had been acquainted before he got here, but hadn't really become friends or really gotten to know each other, what has that relationship been like?

McFadden:"Like he said, we had met before a few times, and just talked but never got to know each other personally. He's a great guy. I'm enjoying being able to play with him and I'm just looking forward to building our relationship together and coming out here and helping the team do the best."

Q: Do you guys have kind of a shared experience in that you're both trying to bounce back from years that you thought should be better and hoped would be better? Have you discussed that at all or is something that's just unspoken?

McFadden:"I would say that it's something that's unspoken. For us, we just go out there and play ball. We don't think about what happened in the past. For me, the past is behind me, I don't even care to really talk about it really, so I'm moving forward. The only place I can go is up."

Q: The fact that you've been in the league this many years and you're still 26, do you think people lose sight of that sometimes?

McFadden:"I would say so. With me, I still feel like it's my rookie year. The years flew by so fast. As far as my body, I still feel like I'm still the same person I was coming in my rookie year, I just have more knowledge of the game."

Q: Are you and Maurice totally opposite kinds of backs or similar in your eyes?

McFadden:"I have to leave the comparisons up to you all. He's a guy that can make short-yardage runs and make long-yardage runs, and I'm a guy that can make short-yardage runs or long-yardage runs. I leave all the comparisons up to everybody else. I just go out there and play football."

Q: You've been out fielding kickoffs this offseason, is that something you think you could wind up doing?

McFadden:"I wouldn't mind it at all. I returned kicks in college and I felt like I was pretty good at it, so I wouldn't mind it at all."

Q: Didn't they look at you as a rookie back there at some point?

McFadden:"I did a couple of kickoffs in practice, but that was about it." Q: What about the support of the Raider Nation when you decided to come back?

McFadden:"It's a great feeling to be welcomed back. It's not like a situation where you're walking back into something and you don't know what you're walking into. It's like coming back home to me. It's a very welcome feeling and I really appreciate all the fans for sticking by me."

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