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Ellis Becoming a Disruptive Force


Q: The Broncos have a big offensive line with guys like Ryan Clady and Orlando Franklin. What do you guys have to do to get through them?**

Ellis:"Everybody has their strengths and their weaknesses. We just have to focus on each of their weaknesses and try to take advantage of them.

Q: Last week you went against Russell Wilson who's a mobile quarterback and now you're going against Peyton Manning. What's the difference in preparation for guys with different styles like that?

Ellis:"Just like you said, Russell, he holds the ball and he can make moves. You have to contain him from the outside. With Peyton, you have to send pressure through the inside. You have to flush him out and get him to move and that's how you affect him."

Q: Do you as a defensive line see progress?

Ellis:"Yes, I have. I have."

Q: What do you think is the key to getting over that final hump and getting a big win against a talented team like Denver?

Ellis:"We just have to do it. Not play close. We're always playing close, we just have to do it. When it's time and it presents itself, we just have to do it and win the game instead of just playing close. That's what it's going to take for us to have good execution on each side of the ball."

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