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Ellis Describes Week of Preparation


Q: The defense has done a good job of impacting quarterbacks over the last couple of weeks. What do you think has helped you guys be successful?**

Ellis:"Earlier on in the week, we all focused on one specific thing, and depending on the quarterback we're facing, we just attack those things and put it to the game plan."

Q: It seems like last week especially, you were able to get a lot of pressure on the inside. Is that kind of a good thing for you and Antonio [Smith] to kind of set the tone?

Ellis:"Yeah. I mean, we all help each other out. Me and Antonio, we did a good job with the inside pressure last week. Like I said, that's one of the things we focused on all week in practice."

Q: That's the fastest way to the quarterback, right?


Q: Where do you feel like you've grown lately? You're getting a ton of snaps now. Where do you think you've gotten better because of the experience?

Ellis:"Block recognition. That's one of the things that at the beginning, that's one thing I had to work on, because it was fast coming from college to the NFL. My block recognition is getting better."

Q: Just over halfway through the season you're starting a lot. Is it happening faster than you thought, or did you expect to be able to come in and play?

Ellis:"Yeah, that's my expectation. I expected that, so I was going to do whatever it took to get there."

Q: How is your body feeling dealing with the short week?

Ellis:"It's feeling good. Right now we're used to having rest right now at this point in the week, but it's going good. We just adjusted and now I'm feeling good."

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