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Fans Win a Trip to Kansas City


Valerie Serrato and Stefanie Zamora enjoy the pregame warmups at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. Photo by Tony Gonzales.

Recently, The Oakland Raiders and Hennessey sponsored a Best Game Face contest hosted by Wild 94.9. Fans entered their best game faces and the winner received an all expenses paid trip to Kansas City for the final game of the 2010 season. Valerie Serrato and her good friend Stefanie Zamora, both lifelong Raiders fans, won the contest with painted faces and silver-dyed hair. 

Serrato and Zamora have both been Raiders fans since birth. "Both of us were born into Raider families so we had no choice either way," said Serrato. "We love the Raiders no matter if they win, lose, whatever, we love the Raiders. We're Raiders fans for life."

Serrato heard about the contest on Wild 94.9 and knew she needed to enter. "I knew that both of us could have the best game face," said Serrato. "We entered hoping we'd win and we won so we're excited. Now we get to go to Kansas City."


Valerie Serrato and Stefanie Zamora show off their best game faces. Photo by Sal Flores.

Zamora explained that their winning game face was inspired by the Raiders logo. "We brainstormed for a whole day, brainstormed what we were going to do and our inspiration was definitely the emblem, the Raider emblem," said Zamora. "We loved it and thought we could do it, especially with our crazy hair."

After learning of their victory during halftime of the Raiders home game versus the Indianapolis Colts, the two Raiders fans could hardly contain their excitement. "We're so excited and grateful," said Serrato. "I can't even explain how excited we are, honestly. We're so excited."

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