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Film Review: Reliving All The Interceptions Of Charles Woodson's 2015 Season

Charles Woodson always had a knack for making the big play.

He did it for all 18 seasons he played in the NFL, and 2015, his final season in the league, was no exception as he hauled in five interceptions, his most since 2011, including an impressive stretch of four picks in three games.

Even at 39 years old, the former Michigan Wolverine remained a player that opposing quarterbacks had to be aware of at all times, and he certainly lived up to the billing as a ball-hawking safety in his final season in Silver and Black.

Now that his playing career is over, Woodson's next stop is assuredly in Canton, Ohio, at the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but before he delves into his next chapter, let's head back to the film room and review all five of Woodson's interceptions this season.

Week 3 vs. Cleveland Browns

Situation: Fourth quarter (0:43). Raiders leading 27-20, Browns on the Raiders 35-yard line, facing 3rd and 14.


**Down seven in the final minute of the game, Josh McCown had the Cleveland offense rolling, but Woodson came up big for the Raiders defense and made sure that the Silver and Black notched their first road win under Head Coach Jack Del Rio.

With the Raiders lined up in their nickel defense, Woodson dropped back into coverage as soon as the ball was snapped, reading McCown and adjusting to what he saw from the Browns signal caller.

Wide receiver Travis Benjamin, who was lined up wide to McCown's right, found himself behind cornerback David Amerson, but was unable to even make a play on the ball, as Woodson came over the top from the secondary and grabbed the ball, securing the win for the Raiders as he tumbled out of bounds.

Week 4 vs. Chicago Bears

Situation: Fourth quarter (6:50). Raiders down 19-17, Bears on the Raiders 23-yard line, facing 3rd and 1.


**With the Bears driving, Ken Norton, Jr.'s defense showed a single-high safety look with Woodson playing center field.

Quarterback Jay Cutler lined up under center, and after faking the handoff to Matt Forte, dropped back to survey what he had downfield.

Pressure from Khalil Mack forced him to his left, and as a result he threw an off-balance pass intended for his big tight end Martellus Bennett. However, Bennett never got the chance to haul the pass in as Woodson undercut the route and snagged his second interception in two weeks.

Week 5 vs. Denver Broncos

Situation: Second quarter (0:25). Raiders leading 7-3, Broncos on the Raiders 9-yard line, facing 3rd and 5.


**Heading into Week 5 of the 2015 season, Woodson had accomplished nearly everything imaginable in his football career.

He had won the Heisman Trophy, won the Super Bowl and was arguably the greatest defensive back of his generation, but there was one thing that had escaped him for 17 seasons – picking off Peyton Manning.

However, Woodson checked off that box in the second quarter of the team's first matchup of 2015 against the Denver Broncos.

With the Broncos in the red zone, Woodson was once again the lone safety in the Raiders' defensive alignment, charged with reading Manning, who was working out of the shotgun.

After the ball was snapped, Manning made a quick drop and attempted to find his tight end Owen Daniels running up the seam, but his pass was off target and Woodson took full advantage, hauling in the ball and keeping the Broncos off the scoreboard.

Situation: Third quarter (2:56). Raiders down 9-7, Broncos on their own 39-yard line, facing 3rd and 8.


**If once is good, twice is better, as Woodson secured his second career interception off Manning just a quarter of his first.

Once again, with Manning working out of the shotgun, the Raiders showed a single-high safety look with Woodson as the lone man dropped back deep.

After the ball was snapped, Manning began working the right side of the field, with Woodson shadowing him the entire time.

Manning stepped up in the pocket and took a shot deep, trying to connect with Demaryius Thomas 30 yards downfield. However, the veteran quarterback floated the ball just enough that Woodson was able to make a break on the ball, and acrobatically jumped over both Thomas and DJ Hayden to make the play.

Week 8 vs. New York Jets

Situation: Second quarter (5:11). Raiders leading 21-3, Jets on their own 20-yard line, facing 1st and 10.


**With a big lead already in tow, the Silver and Black showed Geno Smith and the Jets a single-high-safety look with Woodson roaming deep.

Smith snapped the ball under center and dropped back deep, quickly looking downfield to his left for his wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

Marshall actually had a step on David Amerson, but Smith floated the ball, forcing Marshall to slow down, and giving Woodson time to sprint over to the sideline to make the play.

After what turned out to be Woodson's final interception in Silver and Black, he ran to the crowd after making the play and led them in a chant of RAI-DERS, relishing the moment with the Coliseum crowd before returning to the bench.

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