Five Takeaways From Bill Musgrave's Thursday Press Conference

Prior to the Oakland Raiders taking the field for Thursday's practice, offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave spoke to the assembled media.

Here are the highlights from his press conference.

Musgrave gave his initial impressions about the Cleveland defense.

"A lot of aggressiveness from their defense. I think Tennessee had to use five timeouts at one point and time, and multiple fumbles, like you said, multiple big time hits on the QBs. We have our work cut out for us. They're a physical, aggressive group. They've been in their system now for over a year, so they're getting better each week."

The importance of a fast start on the road.

"That's one of the components of quieting the crowd. But they'll definitely have a lot of energy in that place, and the opponent, being Cleveland, will feed off that. That posts another challenge."

He also spoke about the offense's growth from Week 1 to Week 2.

"Just the production. Being able to do fundamental football – block, run, throw, catch. We prepared better, we game-planned better, we called better plays. Just overall we showed some improvement."

Musgrave would also like to get the tight ends and running backs more involved on game day.

"Yeah, for sure. We'd like to see more touches for everybody, but especially the tight ends. More touches for Latavius [Murray]. The more the merrier."

The offensive line has room for improvement.

"It's a work in progress. They work hard every day. The preparation is just terrific between [offensive line coach] Mike [Tice] and [assistant offensive line coach] Tim [Holt], our coaches. We're looking for more improvement from the O-line. They're doing a nice job up to this point, but we all know we can be better."

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