Five Takeaways From Bill Musgrave's Thursday Press Conference

The Oakland Raiders are preparing to take on the Green Bay Packers Sunday afternoon at Coliseum, but Thursday afternoon before the team returned to practice, offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave held his weekly press conference.

Here are the highlights from his time at the podium.

Musgrave spoke about the team's challenges in the first half of last week's game against the Broncos.

"It was tough, but the players kept grinding, they kept battling, stayed the course. It's a real credit to our whole team. They just kept grinding and kept battling."

He also spoke about the development of quarterback Derek Carr.

"He's definitely a passionate player. We love that about him, but I feel like he's gotten better as the season has gone along. I think against the Jets he had a great opening drive. I know he did against Kansas City as well. He's channeling that energy and passion in the right direction."

Rookie tight end Clive Walford is a developing player.

"He's developing. He's growing in our system. You see it every day in preparation out there on the practice field, just less hesitation, knowing what to do. We can put him in different spots. He has a bright future, and you're right, he and Derek are establishing a more comfortable rapport where Derek can know exactly where he's going to be and not have as many unknowns."

He also shared his thoughts about the recent comparisons between Carr and Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

"They both don't take very long to fire their gun. They have a real short stroke. When they throw the ball, it's not a deliberate wind-up motion. There's a lot of wrist there, so it's an instantaneous release which you need at this level, especially versus zone defense. They both, I think like [Head Coach] Jack [Del Rio] said yesterday, they're not 6'6" [like] Joe Flacco, Tom Brady, Matt Ryan. They're not as tall, but they find the lanes through the trees and both of them throw with tremendous accuracy. It's fun to watch both of them."

Matt McGloin is responsible for the game-winning touchdown in Denver.

"It was a terrific call by Matt McGloin. Both Matt and Mychal [Rivera] made the call on the sideline.We used a timeout right there at the end. Even the initial touchdown was really Matt McGloin and guys talking on the sideline about Seth [Roberts]'s double moves. We have terrific support and synergy there on the sideline, in the huddle and everyone's pulling in the same direction."

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