Five Takeaways From Derek Carr's Wednesday Press Conference

Prior to the team's first practice of the week in preparation for their Week 5 matchup with the Denver Broncos, quarterback Derek Carr held his weekly Wednesday press conference.

Here are the highlights from his media session.

Carr spoke about the Raiders first divisional matchup.

"Obviously, it's a division game, the first one of the season. I've played against them twice. I know the talent that they have. They're obviously very talented everywhere on that defense. We have our work cut out for us, but we're excited to compete."

He also shared his thoughts about the Denver pass rush.

"They're just good players. They have good players, they have a lot of depth, and they just rotate them in and out. They just keep them fresh, they keep them coming that way. They've done a great job up until this point and I'm sure they'll continue to."

Each week in the NFL is all about matchups.

"When it comes down to it, the NFL is about match-ups and they have some good match ups, but so do we. We're looking forward to seeing those come out on game day."

Denver's secondary presents a big challenge for the Raiders offense.

"They have three, not just three, just who come off the bench for them and in other situations that are so talented. I think the world of those guys. I respect them, but obviously we're looking forward to competing against them."

Starting fast is crucial.

"It's always so important to start fast, get the ball rolling so to speak early on. At the same time it's probably just as or more important to finish. Especially in this league with how close the games are. They always come down to the wire it seems like each and every week. It's very important though for us to come out and make sure we start fast."

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