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Five Takeaways From Derek Carr's Wednesday Press Conference

Before the Oakland Raiders took the field for their Wednesday practice, quarterback Derek Carr held his weekly press conference at the team's Alameda, Calif., facility.

Here are the highlights from his remarks.

Carr reflected back on his first career game which was against the New York Jets.

"It's fun to look at. I've got to remember that one. I threw my first touchdown there, so I can't forget it, but it's definitely not the same me. It's not our same team. Nothing is similar, so you can't really watch it. It's definitely going to be there forever."

He also spoke about his progress as a quarterback since that game.

"I don't know the area, but I just say the game has slowed down so much that I'm not out there just at the snap like, I think I know what I'm doing. I play it more confidently, because the game has slowed down. That comes with experience, that's just going to happen naturally. I'd say that's probably the area where the game has slowed down has made the biggest impact."

The Jets defense is all about pressure.

"I would assume that like any team, they're going to try and blitz and get after the quarterback. They have a great front seven as we know. I've played against both the corners, the secondary. I know how talented this defense is. Honestly, if Coach Bowles would say, 'Hey, we want to do this,' they're going to do that really good. If we want to do this, they're going to do that really good. We'll be ready for anything."

The Raiders are sitting at .500, but now they need to start stacking up wins.

"I think that the biggest thing that came out of last week is obviously getting the win. We sat back and said, honestly, we just went out there and said, 'Hey, we're just going to do our job and do it confidently.' As long as we can continue to build that confidence, continue to see what – hey, as long as we just do our job and take care of our business, the other stuff will handle itself. That's what we need to do."

Rookie wide receiver Amari Cooper gets more confident each week.

"It was nice for him to come out of his shell about one percent. That was nice. I think that as he continues to play and continues to gain confidence and all those things, which he is already confident, but I think that he'll open up a little more, but I don't know about too much more. I think that that's just his personality."

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