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Five Takeaways From Quarterback Derek Carr's Wednesday Press Conference

Before the Oakland Raiders hit the practice field for their Wednesday afternoon practice in preparation for their Week 14 contest with the Denver Broncos, quarterback Derek Carr held his weekly press conference at the team's Alameda, Calif., facility.

Here are the highlights from his time behind the podium.

He reflected back on his three-interception performance against the Kansas City Chiefs.

"I mean, it sucks. It does. It's not fun to watch on film. It's not fun to think about. For me to bounce back, it's easy. Like I've told you guys before, it doesn't matter how good it is or how bad it is, I'll always be the same guy. Does it suck, does it sting? Do I lay awake thinking about it? Absolutely. It's not for selfish reasons. I just feel the hurt of my team. That's what hurts me."

Each interception served as a learning experience.

"The one that sticks out to me is the first one. The other two are like the most unfortunate things that could happen. Guys playing man coverage on someone that I'm not throwing the ball to and gets one. Stuff like that just hurts. The first one is me learning. I don't have to make every play. I don't have to try and do everything like I was trying to do. I hurt my team when I tried to do that. I tried to make some heroic play and do all that when I didn't need to. I learned a lot from it. It hurt. It'll be instilled in my mind for a long time."

There's a fine line between a great play and a mistake.

"It's such a fine line. When it works, we're all like, 'That's awesome.' And when it doesn't, when I get hurt or when I turn the ball over, we're upset at it. Really just trying to control that and learn the situation when it's OK to do certain things."

Carr also spoke about Amari Cooper approaching the 1,000-yard mark for the year.

"It's awesome to have... I could say so many special things about that guy. I hope he gets there. He deserves it. He works his tail off. I didn't know it had been 10 years, that's crazy. That would be cool."

He also shared his thoughts about the Broncos defense.

"That pass rush is ridiculous. Obviously they drafted another first rounder to add to it. Not just the end guys, but the interior guys and the linebackers on blitzes. The secondary are all Pro Bowlers back there. They're all great players. We all have respect for one another in each other's games. They're one of the best, if not the best, at what they do. It's always a tall task going up against them."

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