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Five Things To Know About Offensive Tackle Jylan Ware


Offensive Tackle Jylan Ware

The Oakland Raiders added another big man to the offensive line in the 2017 NFL Draft with the selection of Alabama State offensive tackle Jylan Ware.

Here are five things you should know:

He's massive.

Ware is a monster of a man, who towers at 6'8", 295 pounds. He's a barricade on the offensive line and is a difficult player to overpower.

**Ware is flexible for a big man.


According to his NFL Draft profile, he's capable of maneuvering at a variety of angles, and is flexible off the line. Even though he's a towering individual, Ware possesses good balance and quickness.

Raiders General Manager Reggie McKenzie is excited to work with him.

"He's extremely athletic for a big man," said McKenzie. "Great size and great length that really registered in his play. He's a guy that he's going to need a lot of work from a technique and strength standpoint. He is very talented. He plays extremely hard. We're excited to get him where we did."

He had offers to play basketball.

"A couple of teams were talking about it," said Ware. "Not full on like, 'We're going to offer you a scholarship.' A lot of teams were talking to me about basketball scholarships and other sports…Football is what I wanted to do, always what I wanted to do. Other sports were kind of just for fun."

Get to know him better on social media.

You can follow along with Ware on Twitter, his handle is @JylanWare.

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