Fortnite meets the NFL: How you can wear the Silver and Black on the Battle Bus


You can learn a lot about a person by the clothes they wear, and the same is true in the world of Fortnite.

The widely-popular online Battle Royale game has drawn fans of all ages, and gives each the ability to customize outfits, which can be worn in-game, and suit their personality. Each "skin" tells a little bit about each player, whether they're a beginner, or an experienced pro, and most of the time you can recognize the good from the bad.

Friday, at 4 p.m. PT, players can buy a new skin which will be available in the item shop, and it will reveal more than just a player's status within the game.

It will expose where a player's NFL allegiance lies.

The NFL and Epic Games – the creator of Fortnite – came to terms on a partnership that will allow players to wear their favorite NFL team's uniform in-game. For many, this has been long overdue, considering earlier this year players were able to purchase soccer skins in honor of the FIFA World Cup.

"I've been waiting for that, feels like I've been waiting forever," Raiders guard Jon Feliciano told me Thursday. "It's exciting, going to be a Fortnite Friday tomorrow."

While Fortnite's cartoon graphics can be interpreted as childish, the game is appreciated by all ages, and is played by a lot of members in the Raiders locker room. Safety Erik Harris, cornerback Gareon Conley, defensive tackle Maurice Hurst Jr., and Feliciano are regular participants on the sticks. The Battle Royale format brings out all levels of competitive flare, and it's for that reason many NFL athletes are attracted to the game.

"I think it's just that Fortnite keeps evolving, but I don't know it makes sense," Feliciano shared. "They always had a lot of soccer fields, and had soccer stuff [in the game] with the FIFA World Cup, so it makes sense for the NFL. It's good for the NFL and Fortnite to continue drawing fans from both worlds together. A lot of NFL players play Fortnite, I think it's just the competitiveness of it, and it's nice to see that."

"I think it's a great opportunity to expand horizons, and get other people's attention for all the gamers that aren't really sports people," Harris added. "It'll draw a lot of interest, for sure."

Not only is Fortnite addictive for myriad reasons, but it allows people to play alongside their friends, which is an added plus for Feliciano, Conley, and Harris. Feliciano has yet to play with his teammates, but he's confident he's the most-talented player.

"100 percent I'm the best player in the locker room," he said with a laugh.

I can vouch for Feliciano, after watching him play alongside defensive tackle Eddie Vanderdoes – he's pretty good, but I don't know how he'd hold up against the likes of popular Twitch streamer Ninja.

Raider Nation, if you're a gamer, and enjoy playing Fortnite, don't be shy to wear the Silver and Black on the Battle Bus.

If you missed out on our Fortnite podcast with Erik Harris earlier this season, take a listen below.