Four Takeaways From Head Coach Jack Del Rio's Friday Press Conference

Following the Oakland Raiders "Fast Friday," practice, the team's final practice before taking on the Kansas City Chiefs at Coliseum, Head Coach Jack Del Rio held his usual Friday press conference.

Here are the highlights from his time behind the microphone.

He updated the status of center Rodney Hudson for Sunday's game with the Chiefs.

"He's doubtful for right now. Went yesterday and we'll make that decision as we get closer."

Head Coach Del Rio also addressed the report that Chiefs linebacker Justin Houston was ruled out for the Week 13 game.

"He's a really good player, but they have a lot of good players, so we're getting ready for the guys that are next, if that is in fact the case."

Khalil Mack has a unique type of leadership.

"He's not really a big vocal leader. He's really a leader by example, leader by effort, energy. I think he maybe talks a little bit more, but he's not a big talker."

The NFL is all about opportunities.

"I think taking full advantage of your opportunities and making the most of them. Again, we're a unit. We're just looking for production. Guys that play the best are going to play more. It's really simple. All of our guys have really competed hard. Some have been more productive, and we're looking to play the guys that are being more productive for us."

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