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Four Takeaways From Quarterback Derek Carr's Wednesday Press Conference

Quarterback Derek Carr held his regular press conference Wednesday afternoon at the team's Alameda, Calif., before the Oakland Raiders took the practice field in preparation for their Week 10 game against the Minnesota Vikings.

Here are the highlights from his weekly press conference.

Carr spoke about his background with Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.

"Teddy's a great guy; comes from a great family, obviously. Him and I text back and forth cheering each other on, wishing the best for each other. I definitely got to know him. He's a good dude."

"He's just so calm, so cool. I just think that he has such a bright future. Everyone knows that. I'm just happy for him because he's such a good person."

As impressive as they've been, the offense can get better.

"We feel that even though we put up yards and points, that we were mad at ourselves because there's so much more that we feel we can do. The stats and all that are fun for people to look at and all that, but for us, it's like, man, we turn the film on and think, man, we missed that opportunity or we missed that play or we missed that chance, and that's what hurts us. We just try to go back to the film study, back to the practice field this week and correct those things to try and improve."

He also praised wide receiver Michael Crabtree's play in recent weeks.

"Crab's awesome. Obviously he makes big plays, as we've seen. I trust him. I throw him balls when sometimes I don't even know if he's going to break, I just hope that he remembers what route he has, which I know he does, so I'll throw it before he even breaks, but we've built that trust. We've built that and he's such a joy to be around. He's literally one of my favorite teammates I've ever had because he's so passionate."

Carr also spoke about squaring off against Vikings running back Adrian Peterson.

"He's unbelievable…. Some of us, we grew up watching him. We grew up watching him run people over and all that. It's really cool. It's one of those moments where you're like, 'man, it's really him,' but at the same time you have to go out there and beat him."

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