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Hagan Meets the Press

On being with the Raiders last year helping to acclimate quickly: "I think it helps a lot because just working with Carson [Palmer], just knowing some of the things he does and some of the signals he gives, I'm definitely used to that. But just right now it's just trying to focus on learning the new terminology.  A few things are different from last year. Some stuff is still the same, but that's one thing I know I have three days to learn it and make sure I'm right and make sure I'm out there doing the right things."

On whether he'll have limited plays going into the game: "No, I don't expect that. I definitely expect myself to learn the playbook. Obviously, this is what I do. This is my job. This is my profession. If I have to learn it in three days, that's fine with me. Obviously it's definitely going to be a cram session. There may be a few things that I may not memorize at the right time, but I know I just have to put that time in and hopefully come Monday night I'll just be able to do what I'm supposed to do."

On how much he'd picked up already: "I think so, lining up-wise, that's the easy part, just knowing where to be. It's learning certain routes and trying to run it because playing receiver, one thing about playing receiver, you don't want to think too much while running a route. I know out there today I was thinking while I was running. That's one thing I don't want to do, but I was thinking because I was still trying to learn these plays. I know once I learn these plays I'll be fine. I'm just thankful that they brought me back in to come in and help these guys and get to where we want to be by the end of the season."

On workout being a factor in being signed by the Raiders: "I think they just know that I'm going to come in and work and get the job done whether it's on offense or special teams. It really does not matter to me. I'm here to help. I want to be here to help and I want to win. That's what it's all about. When you play football, the joy about playing this game is winning at the end. That's something…we started off well last year, doing it right, but things happen, I got let go, and the team finished 8-8 and we definitely want to improve on that. Hopefully this year, we can have more than eight wins."

On what it means to wear the Silver and Black: "Lot of pride. Obviously, being a Raider and being a Raider fan, there's a lot of tradition and history of putting this jersey on. Myself, growing up in Southern California, just growing up being a Raider fan, whether they were in Oakland or L.A., that's what I grew up with. I didn't like the Rams. I didn't like the Chargers. Just strictly Raiders. My dad used to take me to Raiders games and just to be able to be back and put it back on, I'm definitely thankful and happy to be here."

On talking to other teams: "I was actually with the Jets and originally thought I was going to sign there, but things didn't work out and obviously sometimes it's just a numbers game, but they gave me an opportunity to come in and work out. Just knowing that Sanjay Lal was up there, former receivers coach that was here, gave me an opportunity to come in and work out. Work out went well and the Raiders gave me a call and flew across country and here I am."

On if he was surprised to be let go last season: "Yes I was. It's just one of those things that obviously I can't control. That stuff happens. I'm obviously not the first guy to get cut and not the last. It has happened to thousands of guys before me. It's just one of those things that you have to deal with and just have to move on. I just told myself, just keep working because you never know what can happen. That happened, just have to move on, learn from it, hopefully the next place you go to things will be different."

On if the vibe with the Raiders is different from last season: "It's totally different. Obviously, it's night and day from last year. Things are different, but for myself, I just know, hey, just come in and work. That's what it's all about. Obviously, this team has goals and me personally, I have goals myself, and I just want to come in and work and show this coaching staff I'm able to get the job done so we can keep moving forward."

On if he was surprised to be cut by Bills: "Definitely surprised up there too. Like I said, sometimes you just never know. Just one of those things that sometimes it's just going to be a numbers game and they just want to take a look at different guys. A situation like that, you just definitely can't let it get to you. Like I said, I just have to keep working. I've been cut before and I know what goes on and I try to keep a straight line and keep working and go from there."

On what he brings that the other free agent WRs might not: "I think just me personally, I'm just a worker. I'm quiet. I don't do a lot of talking. I just come in and work. This coaching staff, some of the guys are still here from last year and saw the way I worked through training camp, throughout preseason, throughout the season. Sometimes if you get let go, you just leave a good lasting impression. I think that's what I did. I was able to come back and come out here and work out yesterday on this turf and put on a good show. Definitely happy with what I did. I'm happy to be here and definitely ready to contribute."

On Monday's game: "For us, I think any game is a must-win. We want to win. The ultimate goal is to win. Just knowing that Monday night is the first game, it's definitely time to get out and show the country what we can do. We know we're going to be on live TV. We're the only game on that night and for us it's time to show up and get the job done. We know San Diego has really taken it to us as of late, hopefully, we can turn that around come Monday."

On Commitment to Excellence: "I just think that needs to be the mindset period. Commitment to Excellence…you want to be great. That's what it's all about is being great, going out there and being ready to perform at any given time. Even those dog days when you're tired, those have to be the work days, the days you go out there and just try to do your best. I think with Mr. Davis here, he definitely tried to put that in each and every player that came through here. I think guys are really starting to believe in it."

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