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Hall of Fame Center Jim Otto Q&A


Q: What kind of role did you have in this; did you have to sign off on this per say?

Otto: Not at all, I was kicking his name around for a few days, and last night I was thinking that could possible happen, and I watched him at Penn State since he was a freshman and I thought that he was an outstanding football player. Mostly I saw him playing guard, but if you can play center, you can play guard tackle, quarterback whatever.

Q: What about him specifically impresses you on his line play?

Otto: He is strong; intelligent that's what has been said about him. What we need is strong and intelligent guys that are going to go out there and have a tenaciousness of the way that they play and being tough guys and he has all that he is big and he is strong. It runs in the Wisniewski family.

Q: Is there any qualities of him that remind you of yourself?

Otto: Not really, he is bigger than I was and but he is a good football player and I used to like to think that I could play football myself, and I wanted to be the best and I think that he is the same type of person on any given day and he will be every day.

Q: Is there anyone that he does remind you of?

Otto: I didn't see enough of him to give you a decent answer that way he plays the type of football that I like. He's a Raider and he is going to be a great Raider for us.

Q: What are the biggest obstacles that he is going to have to face going from the college level to the NFL?

Otto: It is a faster game and stronger guys, he will play against stronger and faster guys and will be more like himself and he is a very strong fast individual and he will be playing against people of the same likeness. It is an adjustment and if you have the dog of determination which I think he has, he is not going to let that bother him.

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