Hayden: "Everything is good."

Q: How are you physically?

Hayden: "Excellent. Everything is good."

Q: Are you crossing your fingers as you go through the offseason program?

Hayden: "I'm just going to do what I have to do. In the past, some stuff has happened that I can't control, but I'm focused on the future right now. I pray that nothing happens."

Q: What impressions do you have of this defense?

Hayden: "We are going to be a pretty tough defense. I like what [defensive coordinator Ken Norton, Jr.] brings to the table, him and all the coaches. I feel like we definitely are getting better each and every week."

Q: A couple of guys have talked about it being a more simple defense and being able to react. Is that helpful?

Hayden: "Absolutely. Yeah, it's very helpful, just being able to react quickly."

Q: Do you take it as a sign of confidence that the team didn't bring in many cornerbacks in free agency?

Hayden: "Yeah, it's a sign that they believe in us. They believe in the young guys to come over and help this team win. I feel like me, TJ [Carrie], Neiko [Thorpe], Keith [McGill], we are all going to do the thing this year and help this secondary be one of the top ones in the National Football League."

Q: Do you believe that you guys have the players to do that?

Hayden: "I believe we do. I believe we do."

Q: Coach Jack Del Rio was saying that he likes your footwork. Did you do anything different this offseason?

Hayden: "Nothing too different. I was just blessed with good feet. That's all it is."

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