Hayden: "I'm Out Here Giving it my All"

On Jamaal Charles:

Hayden:"Man, Jamaal Charles is definitely a good back, probably one of the top backs in the league and he's very elusive. We're just going to have to tackle well and play fundamentally-sound football."

Q: How much can you take away from the first game or do you just have to write that off?

Hayden:"There's some stuff you can take from the other game, like some of the stuff that we messed up on that they thought they probably had a shot at getting. There are a number of plays we can look at. Eventually we can watch the other game, the other two games that they played, and pick up little tendencies from there. There might be little stuff that you can pick up from the last game, you never know, but you'd rather be safe than sorry."

Q: When you look at yourself, you haven't even played a full season yet in the NFL. Where do you feel you are? Do you feel like you've been able to finally find a comfort?

Hayden:"I'm comfortable. I'm out here playing. I'm out here giving it my all. I'm out here getting better each and every week. I mean, I'm comfortable. I'm playing. I'm just going to keep rising through this ladder."

Q: The last couple of weeks we saw you make some really good open-field tackles. From a coverage standpoint, how do you feel you're doing?

Hayden:"I feel like I'm doing good. [Defensive Backs Coach] Joe [Woods] is telling me to take my hands off people a little bit because they say I kind of hold a little bit, but it's something I'm working on. I feel like coverage-wise, I feel like I'm doing pretty good."

Q: Pretty much a steady ascent do you think?

Hayden:"Yeah. I'm getting better each and every week."

Q: Can you see it noticeably?

Hayden:"I see it noticeably and I just have to take advantage of opportunities that come my way."

Q: What's the biggest challenge for you the rest of the year?

Hayden:"I don't know, getting up in the morning."

Q: Do you watch a ton of film on the guy you're going to play every week?

Hayden:"Yeah, I definitely watch the receiver that's going to be lining up on my side, just to see how they play, how physical they are, how fast they are. That's just basic Football 101, watching tape."

Q: Do you keep a notebook on the receivers at all?

Hayden:"I have a notebook, and it does have stuff in there."

Q: Can you watch too much film? Can you analyze too much?

Hayden:"You can analyze too much. You actually can. At the end of the day, you know your base rules, you know what you have to do. There isn't a 100 percent chance that they're going to do what you've been watching. At the end of the day, just play football."

Q: You guys seem pretty good at adjusting when you have players out. Why do you think you've been so good at adjusting when guys are missing?

Hayden:"It's what we do. It's our job. If somebody goes down, it's the next man up. The next man, he has to prepare like he's playing anyways. I feel like if T. [Tarell] Brown can't go. TJ [Carrie] is going to be right in there, and Chim's [Chimdi Chekwa] going to be ready, Neiko [Thorpe] will be ready, Keith [McGill] will be ready. Whoever gets called up, they're going to be ready."

Q: Do you feel like there's something different here, simply because guys get hurt around the NFL all the time and the next guy up doesn't fill in as well as you guys have?

Hayden:"I mean, that's the case, but it is what it is. He just has to prepare better and take advantage of his opportunity. I mean, of course, because he's not the starter or whatever, but I feel confident in our group, in everybody."

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