Head Coach Del Rio on Michael Dyer: "He Has A Little Juice To Him"

Q:  Did the rain delay have any effect on the energy level of your team, or how do you feel you did after the rain delay?

Head Coach Del Rio:"I thought it was okay. I thought it was okay. We allowed that drive at the end of the second quarter but I don't know if that had anything to do with energy level. I think it had to do with missed tackles and blown assignments. That was probably the worst drive of the day for the defense.  I think for the most part they held the points down and yards down, and things like that. We weren't great on third down defensively. We did get a couple of turnovers which was positive, but we weren't really good on third down. We'll need to be much better there. That drive right at the end of the second quarter was a killer."

Q: Last week was crisp and sharp, tonight, 13 penalties. What were your impressions of that aspect?

Head Coach Del Rio:"I saw the stats. I was curious how many they had. It seemed that extra guy in the backfield seemed to be finding our offensive linemen a lot and never there's. I'm not sure what to make of that. It seemed a little out of whack. We'll look at the tape as you always do, go back and evaluate what's going on. Why, but clearly not the kind of clean performance that we're looking for."

Q: Have you ever been through a weather break like that?

Head Coach Del Rio: "Many times. [When you're] Head Coach in Jacksonville, you're going to get weather this time of the year, and just about every other game is delayed.  Those things happen."

**Q: Did you expect it with the forecast?


Head Coach Del Rio:"We did. We expected it and talked about it as a team today.  We were not going to let that be an issue. It was our first time on the road and we will learn how to travel better and play better on the road. We did some good things and some things need to be corrected. It sure doesn't feel as good as last week, but it's similar. There was some growth and there were some areas that need to be better. It's that time of year. It's camp when you're going to like some of it, you're not going to like some of it, you go home happy when you get a win and you don't go home happy if you don't."

Q: It seemed like that second drive, the offense was moving well. That seemed pretty complete as a series.

Head Coach Jack Del Rio:"It was and I think we have some explosive qualities. I think Derek [Carr] throws a great deep ball. We have some guys that can get behind people, and we have some [running] backs with some juice that can take some running room and turn it into a big gain for us. I think the explosive part was pretty good, and early in the game the turnovers being to our advantage was pretty good. At the end, a couple turnovers take away any chances of us winning the game."

Q: What were your impressions of Michael Dyer?

Head Coach Jack Del Rio: "Michael did what he has been doing. He runs hard and is very determined.  He has a little juice to him.  He is showing up, making people miss and accelerating through some tackles and doing a pretty good job.  He has come an awful long way from when he first came in here in the spring as a late addition. We'll see. We'll just keep working."


Game action photos of Raiders at Vikings during Preseason Week 2 August 22, 2015.

Q: It seemed like DJ Hayden struggled a little bit. I know you haven't watched the film yet, what were your impressions of DJ Hayden out there?**

Head Coach Del Rio: "I think the one, obvious play, the touchdown was on him, that's a corner. They're going to score on somebody. I think he was okay on that, not great.  The third down was tough earlier when we had just a contact foul. We just want to play smart with leverage, and look, they're going to catch some, so that was one he'll grow from. He'll learn that lesson and he'll be better the next time out."

Q: Ben Heeney had another nice night, him and Mario [Edwards Jr.], were able to get in there and force that turnover. What were your impressions of him?

Head Coach Del Rio:"He's active. * *He's active every game, every day in practice. Really pleased with the way he's showing up. He's active and he's impactful. He showed up and got that hit on the quarterback to jar that ball loose; he's just always around the ball. He's having a nice camp."

Q: [Christian] Ponder handled the noise and the commotion the way you thought he would? Head Coach Del Rio:"Yeah, I thought he was pretty solid. He's a veteran guy. It's always hard when you go back where you're from. It can be a tough situation, but I thought he was pretty even keel throughout. I thought he did a pretty good job."

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