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Head Coach Jack Del Rio Closes Out Week 17 Practice


Opening statement: **"Alright guys, Fast Friday. Ready to go. Had a good week of practice. Injury report kind of cleaned up. You saw what that looks like. We're ready to go. We're ready to go play the Chargers. Questions?"

Q: Any chance, barring injury, we'll see Connor Cook or EJ Manuel?

Coach Del Rio:"No."

Q: What did David Amerson show you this week?

Coach Del Rio:"Yeah, I thought he moved around pretty well. So, he's definitely available."

Q: What's your reaction to analysis saying this team has nothing to play for?

Coach Del Rio:"Well, I think those people probably didn't play. We get an opportunity to come together as a team and play a game we love. I think we cherish every moment we get to get out on that field and compete and play and perform. I think our guys are excited to go play."

Q: Are you watching for that in terms of your roster?

Coach Del Rio:"You're looking for guys who love ball. We feel like we have that."

**Q: Do you feel like you find that out more now than if you were in the playoff hunt?


Coach Del Rio:"You're always learning. You're always evaluating, you're always learning. I think when you're dealing with tough times, I think you probably do get to have the exposure of how guys respond. I think really for the most part, our guys have been really, really solid with that."

Q: What exactly is it like to have the feeling of home a home crowd on the road?

Coach Del Rio:"It's pretty awesome. That's what's being predicted. We'll see what happens on gameday. We're prepared. We actually made it loud with music on both sides. Regardless of how it plays out, we're ready to roll."

Q: What have you seen from Jalen Richard this year?

Coach Del Rio:"He's been a delight to have. Great, young man. Works really hard. I think he's one of the kind of guys that's fun to coach. He understands. He has a chip on his shoulder. He understands how he made it in this league. Very determined and very effort filled every day."

Q: Drops have been an issue this year. Is that hard to fix as a coach?

Coach Del Rio:"I think we'll talk more about that… Specifically looking to make plays and do our thing there to beat the Chargers. Those are the kinds of things we don't want to be on the negative side of that story. That's been talked about a little too much, but I understand it. Nothing more to add because we're looking at beating the Chargers right now. That's it."

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