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Head Coach Jack Del Rio Concludes Another Fast Friday


Head Coach Jack Del Rio

Here's the full transcript from Oakland Raiders Head Coach Jack Del Rio's press conference Friday afternoon.

Q: I saw Obi Melifonwu working with the corners a little bit yesterday. What makes him a potential fit with them?

Coach Del Rio:"I'm not sure what you're talking about."

Q: How optimistic are you about Gabe Jackson being able to go on Sunday?

Coach Del Rio:"We'll see. We've got a few questionable guys. We got a couple guys that we know are going to be out. So, the guys that are questionable will take the remaining time and try and make a determination. So, we're hoping that we'll get a good majority of those guys, but they're still a question mark."

Q: Was it a productive week in Florida?

Coach Del Rio:"Yeah, it really was. I thought we had Wednesday and Thursday, probably two of the better practices we've had in a while just in terms of the intensity. So, good hard work, backed way down today and obviously tomorrow. And then we'll be ready to roll Sunday night."

Q: Were you able to do the traditional turnover circuits this week?

Coach Del Rio:"We've had plenty of work on them, we just have to get the ball. No doubt."

Q: What's holding Jihad Ward back from getting some more playing time?

Coach Del Rio:"Guys playing well in front of him. He's on the ready, hopefully as we go through the year we'll count on everybody."

**Q: How have the healthy cornerbacks dealt with the injuries to their fellow cornerbacks this season?


Coach Del Rio:"Yeah, I mean I think they've done a good job working. A lot of it is communication, working with each other and understanding the leveraging that you need to take on different guys and playing. I think the guys are doing a solid job of getting through that. We'd love to have arguably our two top guys there that we don't have right now."

Q: What has Breon Borders shown from a practice squad standpoint?

Coach Del Rio:"He does good. We've got a good group of guys that are developing, working hard, getting extra lifts. So, the teaching and development continues with all of those guys. Anybody that's here we always talk to them in terms of, you never know when you're going to be called upon. You could be called up late in the week and I need you to be ready to go."

Q: What's the off the field message to the guys with the Sunday night game and having a lot of extra down time?

Coach Del Rio:"Well, we'll fill up a lot of it. We'll have meetings and walk-throughs and what not. We'll be ready to go. It's a business trip. We're here for business. We don't leave until late tomorrow and we get in later. We have meetings tomorrow night and walk-through in the morning on Sunday. So, we'll keep them busy."

Q: Can you put a bow on Melifonwu's chance to be available on Sunday?

Coach Del Rio:"Yeah, yeah, we think we'll get him up. He's had a good week and he's a versatile guy. A guy we had big designs for before he suffered the injury. So he's back full strength and we look forward to having him."

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