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Head Coach Jack Del Rio Concludes Friday's Practice


Here's the transcript from Head Coach Jack Del Rio's press conference Friday.

Opening statement:"Alright, Fast Friday. Ready to roll. Had a good week and had a few guys return throughout the week. Obviously, we rested a few. We had a good week of preparation. We're looking forward to going to Kansas City and taking care of business and coming home with a win. Questions?"

Q: How has it been preparing someone to backup Rodney Hudson at center?

Coach Del Rio:"It's been pretty good. Give [offensive line coach] Mike Tice a lot of credit for what he's able to do with our guys. We plug them in and they go and as a unit we carry on. Hopefully, we're not counting on having to do that, but we're ready to adjust if we need to."

Q: Did Amari Cooper make a dramatic improvement over the last few days?

Coach Del Rio:"Pretty gradual. Coop was pretty gradual throughout the week. Getting better every day, did some running on the side earlier in the week. Moved around pretty good today. We'll see. He's questionable, and we'll see. Moved around pretty well today."

Q: How much do you take into account how much a guy wants to play versus what the medical staff says?

Coach Del Rio:"You learn in this business to kind of figure out who you can trust and not trust. It's about trust. First, the doctors have to clear him. If the player really wants to go and he's moving around well enough, then I typically let him go. We'll see how it looks."

Q: What makes Arrowhead Stadium such a tough place to play?

Coach Del Rio:"They've done a great job with creating an atmosphere there. It's a loud environment. It's just one of those places that's tough to play in. Good football is required, I know that. You don't go in there and play bad football and win a game. In that environment, you have to go and play well. You have to be able to have poise in the noise. That's part of it. And you have to play well in all three phases."

Q: Will your decision on Cooper be decided hours before kickoff?

Coach Del Rio:"We'll see. I have some thoughts on it, but I don't need to share them with [Chiefs Head Coach] Andy [Reid] right now."

Q: Antonio Hamilton is eligible to come back. How does he look?

Coach Del Rio:"He is, he's eligible to come back. He's been practicing well. Moving around well. We'll see how that works out."

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