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Head Coach Jack Del Rio Concludes Week Of Preparation For Redskins


Head Coach Jack Del Rio

Prior to the team's departure for Washington, D.C., Oakland Raiders Head Coach Jack Del Rio wrapped up "Fast Friday."

Here's the transcript from his presser:

Opening Statement:"Alright, Fast Friday. We're ready to travel and play well. Good football team going into their place and excited about the opportunity to play on Sunday night. Questions?"

Q: Are you more encouraged by Sean Smith's week that he'll be able to play?

Coach Del Rio:"Yeah, I mean we put it on there because there's still a little bit of a question. You don't have probables any more. Given the choices, I just left him that way."

Q: How big of a deal is it if Jordan Reed plays or not?

Coach Del Rio:"Well, I mean we're prepared to face him. We think he's a good player. We'll approach it that way and adjust if he doesn't go."

**Q: What does a six hour flight do to a team?


Coach Del Rio:"We'll tolerate it the best we can. It's part of what we have to do being here on the West coast. We're playing in the NFC East and the AFC East, both, this year, so that means we have a lot of travel. We have to do it the right way, manage it. Take care of business. It's a business trip. Be excited to show up Sunday night full of energy."

Q: Is Gareon Conley at where you expected him to be conditioning-wise? Does it affect how much he plays?

Coach Del Rio:"It's all part of the equation. Everything adds up, everything counts. We feel good about the work he got in last week. He'll play again this week. We think he's a good young player. Where he is at this point, we're comfortable with him playing. It's just a matter of how much, we'll determine that."

Q: What's behind your new coin toss selections this year?

Coach Del Rio:"I just don't really spend a lot of time discussing strategy and my thoughts going into it. Astute observation (laughing). I'm not locking in on anything. I don't really discuss the strategy, but I appreciate and I understand where you're coming from."

Q: Do you think Derek Carr has taken a step forward since last year?

Coach Del Rio:"We get to find out. We're two chapters in this book we're writing in the season. We're two chapters in.  This is Week 3. I like the way we're all approaching it, Derek included. I think the guys understand the need to improve, the need to work on things, the timing. From his case, the command of the offense. Comfort in what we want to do and how we want to do it. I think from that standpoint, we want him to just continue to improve, continue to work on his craft."

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