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Head Coach Jack Del Rio: "Got To Man Up"


Head Coach Jack Del Rio Sunday, the Oakland Raiders entered New Era Field in Buffalo with a record of 3-4, but left 3-5. The Bills own the best turnover ratio in the NFL, and they let the Silver and Black know it in Week 8. The team turned the ball over a total of four times, and were unable to make a comeback after falling behind. Raiders Head Coach Jack Del Rio made it abundantly clear earlier in the week that each game is a must-win game, and unfortunately the team walked away with an "L." Following the loss, Del Rio took the podium to recap what transpired.

Here are the quick hits from his media session:

Del Rio talked about what the plan was in regards to Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor.

"Plan was definitely to corral him in the pocket, make him throw out of the pocket. We had opportunities to get him down and left our feet; that was not part of the plan. He's a good player, bought some time, made some plays. I mean, I didn't feel like that was their big factor for them. I really think - defensively, I thought we hung in pretty well with some tough situations. Fortunately, the kicked field goals there to start the second half, those turnovers, make them kick field goals there was a good thing. Neither team got sacked today, if I'm correct on that. I'm sure both teams would've liked to have a little more pressure."

He spoke about the major reason the team was unsuccessful Sunday afternoon.

"Well, I think, at the end of the day, the biggest detriment, or factor, was minus four in turnovers. We end up with a bunch of yards, but, other than the first drive, it was largely ineffective with the lost turnovers. So I think that's really the biggest factor. It's hard to go minus four and have the game go the way you're looking."

The Raiders Head Coach reflected on the team's 3-5 record, and is focused on moving forward.

"Got to man up, I mean you have to recognize that's what it is. It's what we've earned to this point, the halfway mark 3-5, clearly not what we're looking for, but it's what we've earned to this point. We've got a second half, we need to get hot in this second half."

Del Rio recapped the performance of punter Marquette King, and how he played after dealing with an injury all week.

"I'm sure, you know, being limited throughout the week didn't help him be at his best. He's been a really strong punter this year for us. I would think that it may have had something to do with it. I don't think that anybody's looking to make excuses as to why something occurred. Obviously, he's been very strong for us this year."

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