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Head Coach Jack Del Rio: "Guys Are Dialed In"


Head Coach Jack Del Rio

Opening statement:"OK, Fast Friday. Had a good week of prep. Guys are dialed in and ready to go. Looking forward to being at home again. The atmosphere is always great at home. We appreciate it. Want to play good football and find us a way to get win number six. Questions?"

Q: Has Amari Cooper cleared protocol?

Coach Del Rio:"He's ruled out. Not going to play."

Q: What have you seen from David Amerson this week?

Coach Del Rio:"Yeah, he's back involved and practicing. That's still a question mark for us. It was good to have him back out moving around."

Q: How would you describe Seth Roberts' season?

Coach Del Rio:"Whenever we get him a touchdown, it's been good, right? That's a stat that I'm aware of. He's ready to step up and play well for us. Obviously, his role increases with our top two guys being out. Be important for him to play well."

Q: Would you like to see more snaps from Obi Melifonwu?

Coach Del Rio:"Well, it's really about the Raiders versus the Giants. We're going to do all we can to put the best group out there that we feel can help us win the game. That's really it. Not going to get into individual discussions. I understand inquiring minds want to know that. For us we're going to focus on just putting together the best plan we can and going out and attacking these guys."

Q: Did you see improvements with interior pass rushing last game?

Coach Del Rio:"Yeah, I think in particular, Denico [Autry] has been strong. Mario [Edwards Jr.] has been strong. I think our two rookies have been, in spurts, pretty good. We just want to continue to work the group. Continue to generate pressure and make the quarterback uncomfortable."

Q: With Cooper and Derek Carr out, how are the other receivers going to help?

Coach Del Rio:"Just doing their job. With the top two receivers out, obviously guys are going to be raised up into bigger roles. We just ask them to do their part. Again, it's a team versus a team. We just need everybody that steps up to do their job and do their role within the scheme of things and help us execute."

Q: Why did Marshawn Lynch have a rest day on Thursday?

Coach Del Rio:"He got a 'Woodson Wednesday' on a Thursday. Best way I could describe it."

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