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Head Coach Jack Del Rio: "Guys Were Focused, Zeroed In And A Whole Lot Better"


Head Coach Jack Del Rio

The Oakland Raiders got back to work Thursday afternoon after using Wednesday as an off day to recharge the batteries, and get back to neutral. It was the team's third padded practice of training camp, and the group was itching to hear the pads smack.

Following practice Thursday, Head Coach Jack Del Rio took the podium to recap how the team looked today.

Del Rio wrapped up practice Thursday with a brief recap of the first day back in pads.

"Back at work. Back in pads. It was great to see Bruce [Irvin] and Mario [Edwards Jr.]. I guess the answer to the other day, you asked me about [Amari Cooper] 'Coop,' was yes. There you go. It was a good practice, working some situations, I think you saw that. Some moving the ball, little bit of two-minute, things we'll hit on throughout camp. Much better day today. I thought coming back from an off day, I thought the guys were focused, zeroed in and a whole lot better."

The NFL season is a long one, and the Raiders Head Coach is all too familiar that it's a marathon, not a sprint.

 "I come out every day and try to get everything I can out of our guys. Then we'll go in and recover. Then come back and do it again tomorrow. That gives us a chance to grow. So it's a process. It's like climbing a mountain. A lot of different ways it's been described. When you start a season, you start at the bottom of the mountain. It's the beginning of a marathon race. It's a long climb, it's a long race. We just have to be the team that comes out and takes care of business consistently, day in and day out."

Del Rio shared his thoughts on second-year linebacker Cory James.

 "He's played the two inside spots, whether it's the 'Mic' or 'Will,' he's played both of those spots all of last year and all throughout the spring. It's not really anything unusual for him. He's been reping at it. He's learned both. He knows both. I like Cory."

Oakland Raiders players and coaches on the field for the fourth day of training camp.

He praised amount of depth and versatility the tight end position currently boasts.

* *"I feel like the tight end position for the first couple of years, we had a hard time slowing down the other guys' tight end. Then we haven't really got our tight end position going as much as I'd like. I think we've really addressed that. I think you're going to see a team that can utilize the tight end position more in their offensive plan and attack."

Del Rio reminded the media that even though rookie running back Elijah Hood has looked good, it's still early in camp.

"He's a young man that gives everything he has, he's a bright guy, he'll learn to get behind his pas a little bit, but he should be a physical player. We'll see, it's early in camp, but he's done some good things."

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