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Head Coach Jack Del Rio: "It Was A Strong Camp"


Head Coach Jack Del Rio

Only two more days until the Oakland Raiders take the field at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, as they play host to the Los Angeles Rams in Week 2 of the preseason. To wrap up the team's final day of training camp, Head Coach Jack Del Rio closed out what would've been the equivalent of a "Fast Friday" and talked about what lies ahead with members of the local media.

Here's the transcript from his presser:

Opening Statement:"Alright, we're ready to wrap it up and head back to the Bay. It's a very productive time up here in Napa, so we're really appreciative of our organization and the efforts they make for us to have a really good camp. It's an excellent set up and everything went really well, really smooth. I know the natural question is going to hit me on a couple of the guys. Obviously, one is not here, his choice. You have a couple of others that haven't been able to join us at practice yet, and they're working. They're doing everything we're asking. They'll come back when they can. Until then, we just move on. We're looking forward to playing at home this week in front of our crowd. I'm excited about that opportunity to kick that off."

Q: Have you determined who is going to play and who is not? Do you think some of the frontline guys that sat out last week will play in this game?

Coach Del Rio: "Yes. How much? Not really set on that yet. Typically, you go into the second quarter, maybe even deep into the second quarter. We'll see how it's all going. Kind of a play total in mind in terms of conditioning that I think we need to get. We'll adjust as we need to, but that's the plan."

Q: Does that include Derek Carr?

Coach Del Rio: "Yes."

Q: Do you figure that your quarterback rotation will be the same as in Arizona?

Coach Del Rio: "Probably."

Q: Do you feel that EJ Manuel has kind of pulled away a little bit from Connor Cook as far as the backup quarterback battle goes?

Coach Del Rio: "I think the time we had here and the first game the other night, I think he has done a little more, done enough to be in the second slot. I think they'll continue to alternate reps and both get opportunities to show us. I'm pleased with both of the guys. I thought both guys operated pretty darn well the other night."

Q: Would you say that you're happy with how you've avoided injuries this camp?

Coach Del Rio: "I think we came in with a purposeful mind going after things, accomplishing things. In terms of installation, in terms of situational awareness and those things, we're coaching and teaching. I think we were able to work and get guys either back or really close to being back and I feel really good about the way camp went. It was a strong camp. It was very purposeful and very productive."

Q: Are you getting close to the point where you don't know how much if at all you can use Gareon Conley in the season opener?

Coach Del Rio: "No. I don't think we're there. Obviously, the next couple of weeks will be huge."

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