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Head Coach Jack Del Rio: "You Either Believe Or You Don't"


Head Coach Jack Del Rio

For the next week, the Oakland Raiders will call Florida home, as they prepare to face the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. To kick the week off, Head Coach Jack Del Rio met with the media to recap the team's Week 8 loss to the Buffalo Bills. With a record of 3-5, it's definitely not where the team saw itself come the halfway point of the year, but all the Raiders can do is move forward, and try to get back on track.

Here are the quick hits from Del Rio's press conference:

He shared how the team will go about trying to get its mojo back.

"It's a faith thing. You either believe or you don't. I think that those things that all kind of lead into that mojo that you see, those are all the little things that add up. Like I've said many times, we've got a prideful group of guys. We're just not that far away, but we have to get it going. It's past time, really. The second half is here and we've got some ground to cover. We've got some ground to make up. We have to get busy. The urgency, the attention to detail is going to be heightened. With finding that, I think it's a little bit of a confidence thing. It's a bit of a belief, and I do believe. It's one of those things, you either have faith or you don't. I do believe."

While defensive end Khalil Mack might not have been his dominant self Sunday, Del Rio stated the reigning Defensive Player of the Year was still impactful.

"He's always impactful. It was just one of those day where he wasn't at the leading edge in some of the run game. Some of the run game went away. Typically, he's at the front stacking things up and making tackles for loss and things like that. There weren't a lot of runs at him. As far as the quarterback, this guy bought some time and sat back there. I don't think they did any doubling or triple teaming really. I thought it was just a matter that that guy could run around a little bit, bought some time when he might've had some opportunities."

He talked about the performance from rookie safety Shalom Luani in his first official start.

"Shalom did some really good things and then he had a couple that when he sees the film, he'd like to have back. The one he didn't get over the top. Kind of got looked off, went inside with the tight end a little bit when he was a half field player there. When they hit 'Dre' [Andre Holmes] down the side, the corner could've helped him out with a better jam, but the bottom line is the safety has to be able to overlap that. Things like that weren't what they needed to be. He also made some nice plays. Overall, I'd say he was active. He had his hands on the ball, a near interception. That's the kind of player that he is that he'll go make some plays like that. He'll learn from it."

A look at the best images from the Raiders Week 8 matchup against the Buffalo Bills.

Del Rio said everything is being dissected at the moment, in regards to figuring out how to get rolling again.

"Well, everything will be looked at, is being looked at. If that would help, yeah no problem. We'll go Raiders on Raiders full pads, we can tackle. We'll do it old school like Jimmy Johnson used to do in Dallas. No, I think that the preparation part has actually been pretty solid. I think we knew what we needed to do yesterday and we didn't execute with enough of some of those qualities that I'm talking about. We'll look to get that going."

He praised linebacker NaVorro Bowman for coming in and leading the team in tackles the last two weeks.

"We haven't really asked him to go eliminate people in terms of if they're trying to play a lot of man and isolate him on backs or things like that or tight ends. We're not asking him to do a lot of that. From what I've seen, he's a good football player. He's come in, two weeks in a row he's led our team in tackles. He's taking charge. He's been a very positive addition to our football team. His experience, his toughness, his love for the game; it's a positive for us."

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