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Holmes: "We have to do things to change"


Holmes: **"It's pretty tough. I know as far as coaching change, some of the responsibility comes on him [Dennis Allen] or whatever, but as far as the way I look at it, and players look at it, you have to take some of the accountability, and we are and we have to do things to change how we're playing and change our record."

Q: What does that mean? Does that mean practice habits, does that mean just each guy making one more play each game, how can you qualify what you guys have to do that you weren't in the first four games?

Holmes:"I think that obviously there has to be some change. Whether it's on us in our effort, in us in how much we study the game, I'm only speaking as far as the players, so whatever it is we need to make that next step and we need to do it."

Q: How much have you gotten to know Coach Sparano since camp and what are your first impressions of him?

Holmes:"I think he's a really good coach, and I think he does a good job in communicating and does a good job in getting the best out of everybody and I think he expects a lot. That's how I feel, what I see in Coach Sparano."

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