Holmes: "Work on us and just execute"

Q: Is there anything you can take from the first meeting with the Broncos and carry into this one, or is it a new day, a new game and a new approach?

Holmes:"I think it's the same approach that we have every game; work on us and just execute. Execute every play the way we practice it and we'll be successful."

Q: Can you just talk us through that big catch on Sunday [against Buffalo]?

Holmes:"I just got open on a deep route. The [defensive back] kind of slowed down and I was able to get behind him and able to front it up and make the catch."

Q: You seem to have a flair for the dramatic and the acrobatic catches. Is that something that you take pride in?

Holmes:"Yeah. I feel like I should be able to make all of those. Any time I get my hands on the ball on those types of plays, I should catch them. Any time I get my hands on the ball, I should catch everything. That's how I feel about those plays especially."

Q: Derek [Carr] seems really comfortable going to you in those big moments. How would you describe your chemistry, and how that has grown throughout his rookie year?

Holmes:"I think as far as my mindset when those situations happen, I just get my head around and if I see the ball, I make the play. Obviously Derek kind of feels like if we need a play to be made and he's flushed out or scrambling or nothing's open, he just throws it up. He has that type of trust in that I'll make the play."

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