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Howard: "Still we have to get better"


Q: You've only allowed five sacks as a unit this season, what do you see in this offensive line improving going forward?**

Howard:"Five sacks is a good number for us right now, but still we have to get better. Obviously, we all want to reach for that perfect season, so it's a matter of not giving up sacks and also making holes for the running back. We hang our hats on having running yards, and obviously we have to bring more yards to our offense in the running game."

Q: Derek Carr seems to have a very, very good pocket presence, how does that help you guys blocking?

Howard:"I believe that we have one of the best quarterback corps and also one of the best running back corps in the league. They make our job a lot easier, but with that being said, we have to go out there and control the line of scrimmage and make sure that we are dominant up front and make sure that we can keep those guys clean. Like I said, make those holes for the running back."

Q: Were there a few plays or a few drives yesterday that you were happy with, that you saw some strength on the offensive line?

Howard:"There were good things. There were bad things, obviously, so we tend to focus more on the things in which we can do better. Obviously we want to continue to do the things that we did well, but with that being said, we have to take a good look at the issues that we have and the things that we didn't do well, and work on getting those things better in order for us to have more success throughout the season."

Q: When do you start looking at the film for Cleveland or have you already started looking at that?

Howard:"They actually gave us the film on our iPads already, so individually you can start as early as today, but as a unit, we'll start Wednesday when we come back for our meetings."

Q: Do you know anything about Cleveland's defense, or is there anything that sticks out that you're going to have to focus on?

Howard:"I think right now we're trying to focus on getting ourselves better as an offense and as a unit. I don't believe there's anything that we really necessarily have to worry about with any other team. Our problems here are things we can fix internally. We need to focus on ourselves, and I think if we can get those things squared away that we'll be alright."

Q: What does [Cleveland Browns Head Coach] Mike Pettine bring to the table? Do you have any advice you can give or tips from what you know about him?

Howard:"He's one of those coaches who has a lot of passion about the game. He wants to go out there and hit you in the face, and he's had a lot of success as a D-coordinator and as a head coach, but like I said, it's back to us focusing on the Oakland Raiders, fixing what we can fix and progressing with the things that we do well."

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