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Huff Uses Social Networking to Give Away Tickets



Thanks to FS Michael Huff, Vincent Rodarte was able to take his son to his first Raiders game. Photo courtesy of Vincent Rodarte
Recently, FS Michael Huff gave away 12 sets of tickets via Twitter to the Raiders home opener vs. the St. Louis Rams. Huff encouraged his Twitter followers to send tweets with reasons they felt they deserved the tickets to help him make the decision. "I see how much of a following the Raider Nation has and we have the best fans in the world," said Huff. "I just thought it would be a great deal for me to give back to them."

One of the recipients, Raider fan Vincent Rodarte, told Huff about his efforts to convert his fiancé to a Raider fan last year, but most importantly, his desire to bring his young son to a game as well. "I told him that I've been a Raider fan all of my life and I'm about to be married and my fiancé is a Niner fan," said Rodarte. "I took her to a Raider game with me and converted her to a Raider fan. I also told him I wanted to bring my son who just turned four to his first Raider game."

Rodarte's message hit home for Huff. "A lot of people brought their kids to their first game, first Raider game ever, and first football game ever," Huff explained. "I just know when I was a little kid if I had a chance to go to an NFL football game I would have loved it. So I just did it for them to have a good time."

Another ticket recipient was long-time Raider fan Luis Ruiz. Ruiz sent a picture showing his dedicated support of the Raiders. "He asked how we represent the team and I sent him a picture of exactly what I wear, my costume, my spikes, everything," said Ruiz.

The fans were excited to have a player reach out and provide them with an opportunity to attend a home game. "It shows that they actually care," said Rodarte. "Huff, and a lot of the players on Twitter, they actually reach out to their fans and talk to their fans so it means a lot to the players and it means a lot more to the fans."

Ruiz had similar feelings to Rodarte. "It's a very welcome feeling and it's very appreciated that they do things like that for their fans," said Ruiz. "They're willing to give away tickets; they're willing to meet with their fans."

Being able to connect with the fans meant a great deal to Huff. "It feels good," he said. "Obviously they're the biggest supporter. When we're out there, they're kind of like our 12th man on the field. Anytime they're out there giving support, being loud, it makes it hard on the offense. It's a great deal."

Rodarte with his four-year old son, Ruiz with his friend Sylvester, along with 20 others, were able to watch the Raiders defeat the Rams thanks to the fifth-year safety out of the University of Texas. Huff was able to interact, connect, and impact the Raider Nation through his generosity on Twitter.

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