In Memory of and Tribute to Al Davis

Several former players and celebrities have had the honor of lighting the torch at Coliseum in memory of, and tribute to, Al Davis since its inception in 2011. This tradition began prior to the Raiders victory over the Cleveland Browns in 2011, the first home game after the death of Mr. Davis.

The torch serves as a reminder that, "the fire that burns brightest in the Raider organization is the will to win." Mr. Davis would have been 86 this Saturday.

Here is a look back at last season's honorees...

Longtime Raiders staff members Cheryl Nichols, Carolyn Paul, Fudgie Otten and Kristi Griffin Bailey light the torch.

Legendary RB Charlie Smith lights the torch.

Make a Wish kid JJ lights the torch.

A quartert of Raiderettes light the torch in London.

Hall of Famer Tim Brown lights the torch.

Former Raiders CB Nnamdi Asomugha lights the torch.

Former Raiders RB Napoleon McCallum lights the torch.

Baseball great Joe Morgan lights the torch.

Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott lights the torch.

Die-hard Raiders fan Ron Rickard lights the torch.

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