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International Fan of the Week


I am the Raiders biggest international fan because I live Silver and Black every day. I constantly keep updated on the team and have been a supporter since the late 80's! I live my life and work the Silver and Black attitude every single day. At home, I proudly wear the colors and fly my flag high. I have been very open with my fondness for Oakland.

I teach at the secondary level and always detail and defend the team in various discussions with my students. The Raiders logo is proudly displayed in my classroom as well as a Bo Jackson McFarlane figure, which is always on my desk in front of the class. I use various Raiders exploits on and off the field as concrete examples to support my actual English lessons.

Being from Northern Ontario, Canada, I am seen as an outcast for feverishly following the Raiders, and other NFL stories, during the season and continuing into the offseason, instead of catching everything hockey and the NHL. I'll read up in Sports Illustrated, the various football websites and, of course, watch NFL Network. Sunday Ticket is expensive, but well worth it in order see the Silver and Black Attack!

I've been a fan since before the rap stars began wearing the gear in their videos. I proudly wore my coach's bowler jacket from Starter, the Zubbaz pants to high school, and the various jerseys - Hoss to Jackson to Brown to Gannon to McFadden. Heck, I proudly display my signed and framed Football magazine that I had signed by Art Shell during a 13-hour winter trip to see the Raiders play Buffalo back in the late 90's!!

I am a huge fan, and you can clearly see that I will always bleed Silver and Black.

Michael will receive a 3'x5' Raiders logo flag and a photo of and autographed by Hall of Famer Willie Brown. Find out how you can enter to win!

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