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Christina Liggi shows off her Raiders jersey in Italy.
My name is Cristina and I'm from Italy. I'm sure I'm not the Raiders biggest fan because that distinction belongs to my boyfriend, but - believe me - I'm a very close second!

I started watching football in 2002 because that was the only way I could see my boyfriend on Sundays and I ended up falling in love with the game. That 2002 season the Raiders were amazing.

My favorite player was Rod Woodson, so I'm very happy to see him back in Silver and Black this year.

On game day, no matter what time it is (here in Italy the first game is at 7 PM and the night game starts at 2 AM!!!), my boyfriend and I will sit on the couch, eat popcorn and root for the men in black, screaming and swearing at the TV like sailors.

We enjoy every single moment because we're very fortunate to be able to share the same passion.

We really hope this is the season we finally get to the playoffs and hopefully to the Super Bowl because we feel we're close.

During the offseason I study the great history of the Raiders watching old games and reading books. From Eric Allen to Amos Zereoue, if you name a player, you can bet I know who you are talking about.

I really hope one day I will have the chance to attend a game at the Coliseum with my boyfriend -- it would be a blast!

I don't restrict myself to watching football games, I also play a little flag football pretending I'm Rich Gannon!

I should be named "International Fan of the Week" because you won't find another girl in Europe as passionate as me about The Oakland Raiders!

Christina will receive a 3'x5' Raiders logo flag and a photo of and autographed by Hall of Famer Willie Brown.

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